Complaint Handling

Complaint Handling

Types and Mechanism of Complaints Submission

Consumers may submit a complaint to BCA verbally or in writing through:

  1. Halo BCA at 1500-888 (without any additional numbers or prefixes)
  2. BCA branch offices

BCA urges consumers to remain vigilant at all times against the use of fake BCA contact numbers or accounts by persons acting on behalf of BCA.

For ease of contacting Halo BCA, consumers can download the haloBCA app that is available on the PlayStore (Android) or Appstore (iOS).

Time Limits of Complaints Handling

Types of Complaints

Time Limits


5 business days


The aforementioned timeframe also applies to complaints that have elements of consumer misunderstanding in the form of:

a. requests for information regarding products and/or services used by Consumers and/or BCA’s internal provisions regarding products and/or services provided by BCA;

b. procedures for consumer complaints to BCA; and/or

c.  other information about products and/or services required by consumers.


10 business days after receiving complete supporting documents and can be extended for a maximum of 10 business days if:

a.       the BCA office that received the complaints is not the BCA office against which the complaint was lodged, and there are communication problems between the two BCA offices;

b.      complaints submitted by consumers require special research on BCA documents; and/or

c.       there are other matters beyond BCA’s control.

 The resolution of complaints outside the established timeframe can be done if :

a.       the resolution of the Complaint requires follow-ups by another party; and

b.      the follow-up carried by the other party affects the time limits of complaint resolution by BCA. 

Supporting Documents

In the event that BCA requires supporting documents for a verbal complaint lodged by a consumer, BCA reserves the right to ask the Consumer to submit complaints in writing by attaching the required supporting documents.

BCA will handle complaints in writing in the event that the Consumer has completed documents, including: 

  1. Identification of the Consumer/proxy, which at least contains;
    • Full name of the Consumer and/or the proxy;
    • Address of residence in accordance with the identification documents of the Consumer and/or the proxy and other residential address (if any); and
    • Active phone number of the Consumer and/or the proxy.
  2. Special power of attorney, in the event that the Consumer designates the complaint process to a proxy;
  3. Type and date of financial transaction;
  4. The problem; dan
  5. Documents directly related to the complaint.

BCA has the right to refuse to handle Consumer complaints if:

  1. Consumers do not complete the document requirements within the established timeframe. Consumers, who do not lodge complete documents, are deemed to cancel their complaints.
  2. The complaint has been previously resolved by BCA. Resolved complaints consist of:
    • Complaints that reach an agreement; or
    • Complaints that did not reach an agreement.
  3. Complaints are not related to losses and/or potential material, reasonable, and direct losses as stated in the agreement and/or financial transaction documents.
  4. Complaints are not related to financial transactions issued by BCA.

Complaint handling can also be submitted by consumers through The Financial Services Sector Alternative Dispute Resolution Institution (LAPS SJK) in accordance with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Regulation No. 61/POJK.07/2020 concerning The Financial Services Sector Alternative Dispute Resolution Institution (LAPS SJK) with the following conditions:

  • The complaint is first attempted to be resolved through the IDR (Internal Dispute Resolution) mechanism, namely by deliberation for consensus/direct negotiation between the consumer and the Financial Services Provider (PUJK); and
  • The dispute is not being examined and/or has not been decided by another (authorized) institution.
  • The dispute is of a civil nature

In addition to the conditions above, LAPS SJK can handle other disputes approved by the OJK.

LAPS SJK at least provides Mediation and Arbitration services and is required to comply with the principles of being independent, fair, effective and efficient, as well as easily accessible.

LAPS SJK can be contacted via:

Address: Menara Karya Building lt. 25 Unit G-H Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Block X-5 Kav 1-2 Jakarta 12950

Phone: 021-2527700