Credit Card Cobrand Blibli

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Credit Card Cobrand Blibli

Reward Program Welcome bonus Cashback Free annual fee Biaya dan Limit Contactless

Reward Program

Enjoy Reward Cashback 0.2% for transaction at all merchants, 0.4% for transaction at Blibli.

Reward Cashback accumulation will be converted to Blipay, every billing cycle.

Welcome Bonus

Enjoy Welcome Bonus Blipay points of IDR 250.000, for every approved BCA Blibli Credit Card, with minimum accumulation transaction of IDR 2.5 million in 3 months.

Additional welcome bonus of Blibli e-voucher IDR 400.000 for new customers via online application at, with minimum 1x transaction in one month since card approved.


Enjoy extra Cashback BliPay up to 10%, worth of IDR 100.000 per month (maximum IDR 25.000/transaction & 4x transaction/month)* for every transaction at Blibli

Free Annual Fee

Free for first year

Transactions using BCA Credit Cards at merchants by EDC machine are now faster and more convenient because there is a Contactless feature. Simply hold your BCA Contactless Credit Card over the EDC machine during checkout, and the transaction is completed in an instant.

How to Activate Contactless Feature on BCA Mastercard Credit Card:

  1. Make sure BCA Credit Card is active and has a Contactless Feature
  2. Contactless Feature on BCA Mastercard Credit Card can be activated by making 1 (one) transaction on EDC machine/ATM using PIN.
  3. After that, Contactless Feature is active and ready to use.

Some important information about BCA Credit Card Contactless Feature that you have to know:

  • Contactless transactions are conducted without PIN, however for the transactions above Rp 1,000,000, PIN is required.*
  • Daily limit for Contactless transactions is Rp 3,000,000 with a maximum frequency of 10 times per day
    *Valid in Indonesia, the amount of Contactless transactions using PIN following the applicable policies of each country.

Always keep your BCA Credit Card, because BCA Credit Card Contactless Feature can be used for transactions without a PIN. Don't let your BCA Credit Card fall to the wrong hands.

If  BCA Credit Card Contactless lose, block the card immediately via BCA mobile or Halo BCA. For more information about the Contactless Feature and BCA Credit Card, please contact Halo BCA 1500888.


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