Automatic Personal Travel Accident Insurance is a facility provided automatically to BCA Credit Card holders, both primary and additional card holders, including 1 (one) spouse and a maximum of 3 (three) biological children.

Terms and Conditions

Protection Benefits

You will receive accident compensation according to the terms when traveling by land, sea, or air, both at home and abroad, on a common carrier operated under a license for commercial public transportation.

You will also receive reimbursement protection for incurred medical expenses abroad or follow-up care after returning to Indonesia.

The protection covers if you are admitted to the hospital as an inpatient within 12 (twelve) hours of your return to Indonesia, in which the follow-up care is deemed as medically necessary. The benefits of accident compensation and reimbursement protection for medical expenses apply specifically to BCA Card Platinum, BCA Visa Platinum/Black, BCA Mastercard Platinum Taz/Black, and BCA JCB Black Credit Cards.

For more information about automatic travel accident insurance, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or visit

Insurance Certificate Information