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BCA Life Heritage Protection

Prepare for your family's future

Why Should You Have BCA Life Heritage Protection?

Sum Assured

Sum Assured up to IDR 300 Billion

Lifetime Protection

Life Insurance Protection until 99 years old

Flexible Premium Payment

Various premium paying terms to suit your need: one-time payment or regular payment of 5, 10, 15, or 20 years

BCA Life Heritage Protection

BCA Life Heritage Protection

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Important Information

Insurance Benefits

  • Death or survival benefit until the end of the policy 100% Sum Assured 
  • Terminal illness benefit of 20% Sum Insured or a maximum of IDR 3 billion 
  • Policy Loan benefit up to 80% of the guaranteed cash value

Risks and Exclusions


  1. The policy is void and ends if:

    The premium is not paid until the end of the grace period, or the Guaranteed Cash Value on the Policy is equal to or less than the amount of the Policy Loan with interest, and existing arrears.

  2. Additional Sum Insured is not a guaranteed benefit. The value depends on the operational and investment performance of the portfolio.


Death benefit is not payable if the customer does not disclose the actual health information and the claim filed is included in the Exclusions.

See brochure for full risks and exclusions

Terms and Conditions

  • Age of the Insured: 6 months - 70 years old
  • Minimum age of the Policy Holder is 21 years old


  • BCA and partner insurance companies are registered with and overseen by the OJK.
  • The product is an insurance product of PT Asuransi Jiwa BCA (BCA Life) and is not a product of BCA. BCA shall not be responsible for such insurance product. See more.



Insurance Fee

Only the premium costs: one-time payment, annualized, or monthly.


No additional fees.

Get the Product

Through BCA Life Financial Advisor
More Info

Additional Insurance

BCA Life Payor Benefit Rider
BCA Life Waiver of Premium Rider


How long is the Free Look Period?

14 calendar days since the Policy is received by the Customer

How long is the Waiting Period for Terminal Illness Benefits?

90 calendar days from the effective date or reinstatement date of the Policy