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Ultima Health Protection

Daily compensation during hospitalization

Ultima Health Protection ( PRATAMA )

Benefit Options

Daily Cash up to Rp1.5 million per day

Return of Premium

Up to 108% of total premium paid

Family Discount

Premium Discount of 5% for each Additional Insured in the Family Policy

Ultima Health Protection

Primary Health Protection (PRATAMA)

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Important Information

Insurance Benefits

  • Daily Cash Benefit for Hospitalization up to Rp1.5 million per day for a maximum of 90 days per Policy Year
  • Daily Cash Benefit in ICU up to Rp3 million per day for a maximum of 10 days per Policy Year
  • Premium Waiver Benefit if the Policy Holder suffers from Total Permanent Disability
  • Return of Premium Benefits up to 108% of Total Premium paid up to the 10th Policy Year
  • Death Benefit of 100% of total Premium paid

Risks and Exclusions


This product contains risks, including but not limited to credit risk and policy termination risk.


Daily Cash Benefit will not be payable if the Insured is hospitalized due to Pre-Existing Conditions (unless it has passed 12 months since the Policy Effective Date), illegal drugs, or attempted suicide.

Full risks and exclusions are accessible through brochure.

Terms and Conditions

Age of Insured/Additional Insured (spouse): 18 - 54 years old

Age of Additional Insured (child) : 5 - 17 years

Policyholder and Insured must be the same person



BCA and AIA are authorised and supervised by the Financial Services Authority

This insurance product is an insurance product of PT AIA Financial (AIA) and is not a BCA product. BCA is not responsible for these insurance products.


  • Only the Premium is charged for this product. The Premium amount depends on the entry age of the Insured and the benefit plan chosen.

Get the Product

Webform Feature
Through AIA Bancassurance Consultant
Visit the nearest BCA branch office


  1. How long is the Free Look Period?
    14 calendar days since the Policy is received by the Policyholder
  2. How long is the Waiting Period before the Coverage comes into effect?
    30 calendar days from the Policy effective date or the last Policy reinstatement date
    (whichever is later) for hospitalization caused by an Illness.
  3. How many Plans are there and how much is the benefit of each Plan?


    Plan (Rp)






    Daily Cash Benefit

    500 thousand

    750 thousand

    1 million

    1,25 million

    1,5 million

    Daily Cash Benefit

    1 million

    1,5 million

    2 million

    2,5 million

    3 million

  4. What is the condition of the Return of Premium Benefit?
    Premiums have been paid in full up to the 10th Policy Year and the Policy is still valid until the end of the 15th Policy Year with the following percentage:
    • Monthly Premium Payment: Total Premium of the 1st Policy Year x 10 x 100%
    • Annual Premium Payment: Total Premium of the 1st Policy Year x 10 x 108%