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Fire Insurance

Risk protection for property

Why BCAinsurance?

Affordable premiums

Premiums start from IDR200 thousand/year

Easy and fast process

No survey for houses with certain criteria

Easy Premium Payments

Autodebet and Virtual Account

Complete Asset Protection

Protection: from fire protection, flood protection, to vehicle damage

Fire Insurance

Important Information Fees Get the Product FAQ

Important Information

Product Benefits

  1. Principal Guarantee
    • Fire
    • Lightning
    • Explosion
    • Airplane Crash
    • Smoke
  2. Expansion Guarantee
    • Floods, Storms, Hurricanes, and Water Damage
    • Damage caused by vehicles
    • Riots, Strikes, Evil Acts and Riots
    • Terrorism and Sabotage
    • Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions and Tsunamis

Risks and Exceptions

Insurance products contain risks, including but not limited to credit risk and policy cancellation risk.

This coverage does not cover loss or damage to property caused by the risks of theft, intentional acts or unlawful acts.

Terms and Conditions

There is no entry age limit


Complete product information can be seen via the brochure


BCA and BCAinsurance are licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority and Bank Indonesia.

This insurance product is an insurance product of PT BCA General Insurance (BCAinsurance) and is not a BCA product. BCA is not responsible for these insurance products.

In full


Insurance Fees



Insurance Fee

The premium depends on the amount of sum insured

Endorsement Administration Fee

Charged if there is a change in Insured Object Value, Occupation, and Guarantee

Administration Fees 

Type of Premium (Rp)

Administration Fee (Rp)

 < Rp 5,000,000


 ≥Rp 5,000,000


Personal Risk Fees 


Personal Risk

Fire, Strike by Lightning, Explosion, Hit by Airplane Crash, Smoke

Home & Home Office: NIL

Shophouse: 5% of the agreed loss value or 0.1% of the total insured value

Floods, Hurricane, Typhoon, and Water Damage

10% of the agreed claim

Motor Vehicle Damage, Demolition

Rp2.5 million/accident

Riots, Strikes, Malicious Damage, Civil Commotion

10% of the minimum claim value of Rp10 million

Terrorist Act and Acts of Sabotage 

The amount will be determined at the time of claim filing 

Earthquake, Volcano Eruption, and Tsunami

2.5% of the Sum Insured 

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How many times do I have to make insurance premium payments?

For this Fire Insurance, you only make a premium payment once for a coverage period of 1 year and can be extended.

If a claim occurs, what should I do?

You must immediately notify the Insurer (BCAinsurance) in writing or orally via Halo BCA (1500888) no later than 7 calendar days from the date of the incident.

What can I insure with this Fire Insurance?

You can buy Fire Insurance to cover:

  1. Building
  2. Content (furniture, fixtures/equipment)
  3. Stock (inventory of goods)

Fire Insurance does not cover:

  1. Motorized Vehicles (used as vehicles, not stock)
  2. Precious metals, jewelry, precious stones
  3. Antiques/art
  4. Shares and securities
  5. Other software

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