BCA by Phone

Friendly banking services by the phone

Why BCA by Phone?


Access banking information and transactions anytime anywhere via telephone


Go to the service needed directly without waiting to complete all instructions


Double security sistem using Personal Identification Number (PIN) and KeyBCA

BCA by Phone

BCA by Phone

Banking information services and do the non-cash financial transactions over telephone call


Financial Information
The most updated Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate information
No need to go to branch office or ATM
All Providers
Access BCA By Phone with any provider that operates in Indonesia.
Any Transaction
Any transaction other than withdrawing money can be done via BCA By Phone.
The service provided are very user-friendly

Important Information

  • BCA by Phone service are eligible for BCA Prioritas, Tapres, Giro, BCA Dollar, BCA Card, Tahapan Gold, and Tahapan customers with a Platinum Paspor Card
  • To register for the BCA by Phone and KeyBCA facilities, simply come to the BCA branch office. Without KeyBCA, you cannot conduct financial transactions except cash withdrawals through this service. If you already have a KeyBCA that is used for individual KlikBCA, you still have to register BCA by Phone and add a KeyBCA connection at the nearest BCA branch.
  • For more information, please contact the nearest BCA branch office, Halo BCA at 1500888, or by e-mail at: halobca@bca.co.id.
  • If there is a system disruption at BCA or a telephone network issue, the BCA by Phone service cannot be accessed temporarily

BCA by Phone Access Number


Access number


1500 123


022-424 1423



Medan, Malang, Palembang, Solo, Semarang, Cirebon, Jambi *)


Other Citiies *)

021-255-63123 *)

*) Or 69123 from mobile phone 

Note: Initial numbers 0804-xxxxxxx are charged IDR 550 / minute, and initial numbers 021-2556-xxxxxx are subject to Telkom's regular rates of IDR350/minute

Fees & Limits

Transaction Limit

Type of Transaction

Maximum Limit per day

IDR to IDR Transfer

IDR100 million

IDR to Foreign Currency Transfer *)

Equivalent IDR15 million

Foreign Currency to IDR Transfer *)

Equivalent IDR100 million

Foreign Currency to Foreign Currency Transfer (same currency) *)

Equivalent IDR100 million


As billing

Mobile Phone Credit Vouchers **)

IDR 2.5 million per day per card (include PPN)

*) A combined limit of transfer limit through BCA by Phone business with transfer limit trough BCA by Phone Prioritas.

**) A combined limit with transaction limit in ATM BCA, KlikBCA, m-BCA, mobile phone credit vouchers via SMS, and SMS BCA.

***) Eff. Date 11 Dec 2017



Fee charges to customer are: KeyBCA administration fee. use KeyBCA for financial transaction. KeyBCA administration fee be imposed for every new application KeyBCA and replacement KeyBCA because damage/lost.

Payment and Purchase



Telepon/Telkom IDR2,500
Listrik/PLN IDR3,000
Pajak/PBB n/a
PGN n/a




PLN Prabayar n/a
Pulsa Isi Ulang Telkomsel IDR1,500
Pulsa Isi Ulang Indosat Ooredo IDR1,500
Pulsa Isi Ulang XL/AXIS IDR1,500

BCA Branch
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