Simpanan Pelajar

Tabungan SimPel BCA is a savings account specifically designed for PAUD, SD, SMP and SMA students who are under 17 and has yet to own a KTP.

Tabungan SimPel BCA will help you manage your finances, build a healthy saving habit, and prepare for the future by introducing banking products and services from an early age.

Tabungan SimPel BCA is a reflection of BCA’s support for the development of Indonesia’s younger generaion, especially in building healthy saving habits among students.

Simpanan Pelajar Benefits

As one of the education tools for better financial management, building a healthy saving habit, and introduction to banking products and services for students, Tabungan SimPel BCA offers the following benefits:

  • No administration fee
  • Minimum initial deposit is IDR 5,000
  • Account and card is under student name
What You Need to Know

Tabungan Pelajar intended for students of early childhood, Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High, Senior High School, Madrasah (MI, MTs, MA) or equivalent who are under 17 years old and do not have an ID card.

  1. This is an individual savings account for Indonesian citizens
  2. Account is in Rupiah.
  3. May not open an “AND” or “OR” joint account
  4. Customers may have only 1 (one) SimPel account
  5. Customers are given SimPel card with account holder name. SimPel card limit is similar to Paspor BCA Silver card.
  6. Inactivity for 12 consecutive months will result in account inactivity (dormant)
  7. Account will receive no interest
  8. Account may not be used for payroll and autodebit services
  9. Transaction record uses print statement from branch
  10. To encourage students to save money, there will be a reward program once a year in collaboration with participating schools

Transaction limits and fee



Initial deposit 5,000
Regular deposit Minimum 1,000
Minimum balance 5,000
ATM withdrawal limit 7,000,000 /day
Transfer to BCA account at ATM 25,000,000 /day
Administration fee Free of charge
Account closing fee
(or remaining balance if under IDR 5,000 and in dormant stage)
Passive fee for dormant account, charged on the 13th month 1,000 /month
Debit transaction fee, charged after the 5th transaction within the same month 2,500 /transaction
Card replacement fee Free of charge
Mutation printing fee Free of charge

SImPel account reward is give based on SimPel account balance average for a period of 12 months, with the following conditions:

  • Reward is non-monetary
  • Maximum reward value is listed below.

Average balance (12 months)
Maximum reward value
1,000,000 – 5,000,000 10,000
>5,000,000 50,000

To maintain the convenience of your transactions, please note that:

  • Tabungan SimPel has limited features (deposit, withdrawal, and transfer at BCA branch and ATM BCA)
  • Debit transactions are limited to 4 times a month. Additional transactions will incur a fee per transaction.
Get the Product

Tabungan SimPel BCA account simple and can be done at participating schools. The terms and conditions are:

Customer type Documents
<12 y/o 12 – 17 y/o
Applicant Parent/guardian Student (account holder)
Card signing and PIN activation Parent/guardian Student (account holder)
Account status Guardian Student (account holder)
Account name Student (account holder) Student (account holder)
  1. Copy of birth certificate/family record
  2. Copy of parent/guardian proof of identification
  3. Copy of Student Card
  4. Parent/guardian NPWP or form stating registrant does not own NPWP. Download the form here
  5. Form for Individual Account Holder (if parent/ guardian does not own a BCA account). Download the form here
  1. Copy of Student Card/Student Statement from School*
  2. Copy of parent/guardian proof of identification
  3. Permission letter from parent/guardian
  4. Parent/guardian NPWP or form stating registrant does not own NPWPDownload the form here
  5. Form for Individual Account Holder (if parent/ guardian does not own a BCA account)Download the form here

* Must be provided. If student cannot provide either of these documents, then account opening must follow the procedure for <12 y/o regardless of account holder actual age.

For more information, visit the nearest BCA branch, call Halo BCA di 1500888, or send an e-mail to

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