National Open API Payment Standard (SNAP) at BCA

Why Migrate to SNAP on your API BCA service?

API National Standard

Using a nationally standardized API increases efficiency in payment system integration via API.


Consumers are able to make payment transactions through your products/applications/services, which are linked to Service Providers from various Banks and Fintech via API.


Simplify connectivity between payment sectors, even when using different applications.

SNAP Information API Sub Features Migration Guide

What is SNAP-based API BCA?

SNAP-based API BCA is API BCA that has been adapted to the National Payment Open API Standard set by Bank Indonesia.

Adjustments were made from the aspect of governance which included cooperation mechanisms and technical standards which included API request and response formats.

API BCA users who have a PJP (Payment Service Provider) license or non-PJP who use the API for the benefit of their consumers can use the SNAP-based API BCA service by first submitting verification to Bank Indonesia.

The Following are the BCA API services that you need to migrate to become a SNAP-based BCA API

Account Information

Balance Inquiry

Bank Statement


Generate Dynamic QR

QR Transaction Status Inquiry

QR Transaction Status Notification

Transfer to Virtual Account BCA

Inquiry Payment

Transfer to BCA Virtual Account

Notification Payment to BCA Virtual Account

Virtual Account for Biller

Bill Presentment

VA Payment

VA Transaction Status Inquiry

Fund Transfer

Intrabank Transfer

External Account Inquiry

Interbank Transfer - Switching & BI-FAST

Interbank Transfer - SKNBI

Transfer Failed Notification - SKNBI

Interbank Transfer - RTGS

Transfer Failed Notification - RTGS

Transaction Status Inquiry


Account Binding

Account Registration Notification

Account Binding Status Inquiry

Account Unbinding

Account Deletion Notification


Payment Status Inquiry

Inquiry Mobile Phone Number for OTP

Request for OTP