20 Sep 2022 | News & Features

Information on the Closure of DUITT BCA Services

Dear BCA Customers,

We inform you that BCA will no longer provide DUITT BCA as of 20 September 2022. For further information regarding fund withdrawals or other matters related to the closure of the DUITT BCA services, you can contact HALO BCA at 1500888. The Halo BCA team will verify the data and contact you for the document completion in the form of an instruction letter and a scan of the ID card, which are then sent to email halobca@bca.co.id.

Download the instruction letter here.

After successful verification, the Halo BCA team will process the fund disbursement.

With the closure of the BCA DUITT service, customers can use alternative savings solutions and services from various other BCA products. Go to Individual Savings and Electronic Money page to see the products.

Thus, we make this announcement for the attention of BCA customers and the wider community.

For further information on other BCA services and products, please contact Halo BCA 1500 888, Halo BCA App, or mention us on Twitter @HaloBCA.