04 Oct 2022 | News & Features

AIA Personal Medical Management Services Stand by Customers Against Post-Covid Ailments

Customer: Prieska Oliviera (AIA Maxi Protection)

Prieska Oliviera aged 30 is aware of the importance of insurance since she was in college. At that time, her financially stable relative had a stroke. The medical treatment cost him hundreds of millions of rupiah. He was helpless and had no choice but to borrow money from other family members to cover the medical expenses.

Since that day, Prieska is determined to have health protection in case an unexpected turn happens to her like that of her relative. She would’ve had an insurance product to cover her medical expenses and be self-sufficient.

“When I got hired and started getting annual bonuses, I decided to buy insurance through annualized payment. It’s practical and not burdensome as it’s automatically debited from my account when I get my annual bonus,” said Prieska who works as an employee of a leading private bank in Jakarta.

Prieska’s decision to choose Maxi Protection from AIA as health coverage for her has benefited her greatly. One thing she wouldn’t forget is when she underwent self-isolation after contracting Covid-19 last year. 

“A few weeks after recuperating, I feel like needles are poking my body. I communicate this condition to the AIA Bancassurance Life Consultant (BLC) or marketing agent who booked me. She suggested I use Personal Medical Management (PMM) and consult a physician through the application. I spontaneously asked, “Does this service incur any fees?” to which she answered no because the fee is included in the product I subscribe to,” explained Prieska.

Personal Medical Management (PMM) is a health service that is integrated with several AIA protection products, including the Maxi Protection that Prieska owns. This service provides personal assistance to customers in the face of medical conditions. It also gives freedom of access to consult with the best local and global medical experts to obtain an accurate diagnosis and choose the treatment that best suits their health conditions. With 24-hr service, customers can gain peace and comfort in alarming situations.

“I followed BLC’s advice to consult via PMM. After getting an appointment, I told the doctor about the history of Covid-19 I had and the tingling sensation in the chest every time I inhale.”

“The physician from PMM also advised me to try a specific therapy to test whether the condition is an effect of Covid-19 or not. About a week after the therapy, the chest pain was gone. However, after my recovery was confirmed, it didn’t stop there. The doctors still monitored my condition. After a month and no more complaints were raised, PMM decided to dismiss my case. They also said that I can consult at any time via WhatsApp or phone.”

The PMM services, from which she benefited tremendously and the positive impression on them, encouraged Prieska to recommend the Maxi Protection product from AIA to her family and friends.

“When Covid-19 cases were at their peak, with hospitals full, and we couldn’t go anywhere, the PMM nurses and doctors gladly listened to our health issues. Even though it was online, it was helpful. Moreover, PMM health workers are professional, agile, and do not rush a diagnosis.” 

Reflecting upon her experience, Prieska is hoping that more people, especially the youth, are aware of the importance of insurance to protect us against any health and financial risks – which come unexpectedly.

“Being young and healthy does not mean that it isn’t the time to own insurance or feel the need for one. We certainly don’t expect to get sick. However, none knows what will happen in the future. For that reason, I recommend my family and friends change their mindset all the time. Back then, we thought that insurance is for the sick, but on the contrary, it is while we are still in good shape that we need to protect ourselves by having insurance!”

If you are interested in obtaining a product like Mrs. Prieska, you can find the information on the product called Maxi Protection Plus as well as other insurance products from AIA through BLC AIA at BCA branches or the Welma app from BCA. 

Disclaimer: This insurance product is a product of PT AIA FINANCIAL (“AIA”) and is not a product and responsibility of PT BANK CENTRAL ASIA, Tbk. (“BCA”). BCA only acts as the party that refers to AIA insurance products. This insurance product is not guaranteed by BCA and is not included in the coverage of the guarantee program as referred to in the provisions of law regarding deposit insurance institutions.

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