16 Oct 2023 | Edukatips

How to Pay Meta Ads using BCA Virtual Account

For businesses, marketers, and digital marketers, you may already be familiar with Meta Ads. Placing ads on Meta Ads is one solution to introduce products, campaigns, and other activities to reach a wider audience.

The good news is now it’s even easier to pay for advertising on Meta by using BCA Virtual Account via myBCA. Do you want to know the steps? Let’s see them below.

  1. Select the Payments, Ads Payments and Add Payment Methods menu in Meta Ads Manager

  2. Select “Bank Transfer via BCA”

  3. Enter the desired amount of Ad Credit and click “Next”

  4. Copy the Payment Code

  5. Open myBCA, click “Transfer”, and “Virtual Account”

  6. Click “Transfer ke Tujuan Baru” and enter the payment code

  7. Confirm the payment, then click “Lanjut” and your transaction is successful

East and convenient, right?

For additional information, apart from myBCA, Meta Ads payments using BCA Virtual Account can also be made via BCA mobile, KlikBCA, and ATM BCA. Let’s use BCA Virtual Account for easier Meta Ads payments.

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