13 Jun 2022 | Edukatips

Tips to Build Minimalist Industrial House

The trend for minimalist industrial style is apparently in trend nowadays.  There are so many minimalist industrial design ideas and inspirations that you can find on the internet.

Industrial style, which today is popular, has distinct design characteristics where its facade typically looks like an old building, but it can create a living space that feels warm and cozy.

Do you know that building or renovating your home with nods to industrial design can be done alone on a budget. Consider some of the following elements to achieve the industrial look:

1. Using Iron and Metal Furniture 

The first element that is instrumental in bringing the industrial look into your home is by adding iron and metal furniture.

For example, bed legs, handrails, hanging lamps, shelves made of hollow iron. You can also build partition made of metal pipes. Besides iron, you can also explore other materials such as steel and tin. 

To achieve the industrial look, the tip is to stick to cold colours, such as black, grey, and other bold neutral colours.

2. Incorporating Wood Element 

The next trick to achieve a low-budget industrial house is to bring wood elements. You can mix wood elements in your furniture and different corners of the house as well. Especially if you already have rustic aged wood or untreated wood. They are a treasure for an industrial house.

Furthermore, you can also add a splash of similar wooden colours at different corners of the house.

3. Using Exposed Brick Walls

Another trick under your sleeve is to feature exposed brickwork, be it inside or outside the house.

Simply leave the brickwork unfinished, with no cement plastering, paint, or other plasters. For exposed brickwork application in your bedroom, you can paint them white to achieve a sleek look and leave one wall with cement plaster to emphasize the unfinished look.

For the substitutes, you can also use concrete bricks. They both function the same as walls, except that concrete bricks are more water resistant that can help minimize water seepage.

4. Low Budget Trick: Use Thin Set for a Floor Top

One of the most visible of industrial style is the exposure of concrete element. As seen in the factories in the 19th century with exposed concrete floor.

Don’t forget to overlay the floor with coatings or special liquid to reduce friction and easier to clean. The exposed concrete floor can also protect against extreme weather conditions and humidity.

5. Appear Different: Exposed Electrical Wiring and Pipework

Generally, pipework and trunking are hidden inside the wall, however, in a minimalist industrial house, the utilities are left exposed.

It is recommended to choose pipes with the best quality to avoid leakage. As for electrical wiring, they can be hidden using trunking and painted to match the colour of the walls.

6. Create an Open Plan

Creating an open plan is a handy trick to make your house look bigger. You can also install big windows to make the room look more spacious. Especially when the frames are made of iron or rustic wood.

7. Add Masculinity Into the Interior with Black

The last trick to achieve a minimalist industrial look for your is to play with colours.

As mentioned above, the colours that are suitable for industrial house are neutral colors such as white, black, grey, and other neutral colours. Apart from embracing an industrial look, black also adds a masculine touch to the room.

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