10 Feb 2022 | Edukatips

BCA Motor Vehicle Loans and Its Terms

Who does not want to own a car? Owning a car is the dream of many people. However, not everyone can buy it full up front. And this is when an installment or a car loan comes in.

A car loan or KKB is a car financing provided by financial companies such as banks so that people can buy a car. KKB can be submitted to buy a new or used car.


BCA also offers a car loan to the community through KKB BCA. The application is available to both BCA customers and non-customers. It is fairly easy; You can do it online by visiting KKB BCA Virtual Mall at kreditkrenbanget.com or by coming directly to a BCA branch office.

For the down payment, it is relatively easy, you only need to cover 20% of the purchase car. KKB BCA also offers tenors or loan terms ranging from 1-4 years. There is also a fix & cap financing with a tenor of 5 and 6 years. For those who wish for a longer tenor, the mini for max service is available with a tenor of 8 years. KKB BCA will ensure the secure retention of BPKB throughout the loan period. Another benefit of KKB BCA is annual flat rates that is very low. Currently, you can lock in an interest rate at 2.77% for a 1-year tenor.

Terms of KKB BCA

It is fairly easy to apply for a loan through KKB BCA. Here are the requirements for KKB BCA application:

  1. Indonesian Citizen (WNI) and residing in Indonesia.
  2. At least 21 years of age or married.
  3. Maximum age 64 years when the tenor ends.
  4. Working as a permanent employee, self-employed, or professional for at least 2 years.
  5. Have an income of at least 3 times the amount of loan installment.
  6. Agree to insure the car applied through KKB BCA.
  7. Installment payments are made via automatic debit payments from the customer bank account.

Documents Required for KKB BCA Application

This application requires less documents. Here’s a checklist of what you need (individual customer) for a KKB BCA application at BCA:

  • A copy of husband-wife’s ID cards and a Family Card/Marriage Certificate
  • A copy of a Freehold Certificate of Ownership or Deed of Sale and Purchase (AJB) on behalf of the applicant
  • A copy of BCA savings account/bank statement of the last three months
  • Salary slip/Income Certificate (employee); SIUP and TDP (self-employed); Practice License (professional)

That’s all you need to know about KKB BCA. Now, obtain the car of your dream with KKB BCA by filling out this e-form.

For more information about KKB BCA, click here.