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Credit Life - BCA Life

Credit Life - BCA Life

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Important Information

Credit Life is a term life insurance product from BCA that provides protection for BCA credit card holders where unpaid credit card bills, excluding credit card interest and late fees (if any), will be repaid in the event of the Insured’s death. Protection is also equipped with additional compensation for the beneficiary if the customer dies due to an accident. This product is marketed through telemarketing channels.


  1. Provides life protection due to illness or accident.
  2. Relieve the financial burden of the family in the event of the Insured’s death with death benefits as a settlement of BCA credit card bills.
  3. Provide additional compensation for the beneficiary.
  4. Ease of obtaining protection over the phone from a telemarketer and without a medical examination.

Main Benefits

  1. Compensation for death due to illness or accident as partial or full repayment of BCA credit card bills and outstanding with a maximum of Rp50 million per insured.*
  2. Additional compensation for death due to an accident of Rp5 million which will be paid to the beneficiary.

*Complete terms and conditions refer to the Certificate of Insurance.


  1. Protection of Your and Your Family’s Financial Future
  2. Credit Life provides financial protection for you and your family in the future in the event of death.

  3. Affordable and Easy Premium Payments
  4. Affordable premium based on the total billing or outstanding (if any), paid with an auto-debit system from the Insured’s BCA credit card.

  5. Competitive Sum Assured
  6. Sum Assured is the total credit card billing plus outstanding (if any) with a maximum of Rp50 million per Insured.

  7. Easy way to get protection
  8. To obtain this protection, you only need to call and do not need a medical examination (guaranteed acceptance).

Terms & Conditions

Membership Requirements: The Insured is a BCA credit card holder

Entry Age: 21 – 64 years old, at the end of the Coverage period the Insured Age shall not exceed 65 years.

Payment: Auto-debit from the Insured’s BCA Credit Card.

Coverage Period: Monthly or automatically renewed until the Insured reached 65 years old.


The amount of premium includes acquisition costs, telemarketing, insurance certificates, and commissions for the bank.

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