• BCA Dollar

    The right savings for you who acquire speed and convenience on forex transaction

BCA Dollar

For those in need of dollar transactions (USD or SGD) for your business, travel, or investment, BCA offers BCA Dollar savings account.

Main features

  • BCA Dollar card functions as both proof of ownership and transaction facilitator
  • Deposit and withdrawal of banknotes uses 1:1 ratio
  • Access to e-Banking BCA

BCA Dollar Benefits

With BCA Dollar, you can save and invest simultaneously. BCA Dollar is available in two foreign currencies: USD (United States Dollar) and SGD (Singapore Dollar).

  • BCA Dollar card. BCA Dollar card allows you to conduct transactions at ATM BCA all across Indonesia.
  • Easy banknote deposit and withdrawal. Deposit and withdraw USD/SGD banknotes (1:1 ratio) with limits adjusted to the terms and conditions of your account.
  • e-Banking facilities. In addition to ATM BCA, you can also access your account through Internet banking (KlikBCA), mobile banking (m-BCA), Phone Banking (BCA by Phone), and SMS BCA. BCA Dollar customers can also enjoy SMS/email notification option.

What You Need to Know

For SMS notifications, per 1 April 2016 shall apply as follows:.

  • Provider: Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, Three and Smartfren.
  • Fees for Rupiah accounts is IDR 500/transaction.
  • Fees for SGD accounts is SGD 0.05/transaction and USD account is USD 0.05/transaction.
  • SMS charges for Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, Three and Smartfren are using the account debit system.

BCA Dollar does not have an applicable minimum balance limit. However, no balance status for three (6) months in a row will result in automatic account closure. For banknotes withdrawal of more than USD 1,000 or SGD 1,000, customers are required to inform the select BCA branch one day in advance. Otherwise, withdrawal transaction will incur a fee of IDR 100,000.

To protect your banking activities, please make a note of the following information:

  • Interest rate and foreign exchange fluctuation according to market development
  • Please make sure to protect your BCA Dollar card and PIN confidentiality

Get the Product

Opening a BCA Dollar account is a simple process. Simply follow the five steps below:

  • Product only available for individuals 21 and over, or married
  • Fill in and sign account registration form with official stamp (materai)
  • Provide copy of proof of identity (KTP/Paspor/NPWP). For WNA should be bring Passport/KITAS/NPWP
  • Minimum initial deposit of USD 100 or SGD 200
  • Monthly administration fee is USD 1 or SGD 2
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