11 Jun 2024 | News & Features

Change of Settlement Bills and Due Date Paylater BCA Starting July 2024

Dear BCA Customer

Thank you for using Paylater BCA as payment option in transactions.

In accordance with changes in paylater BCA Paylater billing settlement and due dates. We inform the adjustment date regarding these changes of date starting July 2024.

  • Settlement date:
    • Before: 25th of every month
    • After: 10th of every month
  • Due date
    • Before: 10th of every month
    • After: 26th of every month

Find detail simulation, check on the table below:

Period Settlement Date Due Date Remarks


25 June 2024

11 July 2024


July - August

10 August 2024

26 August 2024



10 September 2024

26 September 2024



10 October 2024

26 October 2024


And so on

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