2023-04-17 | Awas Modus

Common ATM Fraud During Ied Holiday

The Ied holiday is the moment for criminals to carry out their actions. ATM fraud is a common occurrence, especially at ATMs in rest areas and other public spaces frequented by travelers. Many crimes are committed by utilizing ATM machines that are frequently used.

Being aware of these schemes can help increase your vigilance. On the other hand, prepare yourself by carrying enough cash or using online transactions when shopping. 

ATM Fraud Modes

Let’s recognize the modes and learn about the tips to avoid ATM fraud at ATMs occurring during the led holiday: 

1. Installing a Skimmer

This fraud mode is quite a frequent occurrence in many places. The scammer will put an additional device in the ATM machine card slot to steal the victim’s data. The machine will then record the customer data, card numbers, and ATM PINs to be duplicated.

This type of crime is sometimes difficult for the authorities to detect. It’s because the tools used by the scammers are similar to those installed on ATM machines. It requires a dismantling of the ATM to detect a skimmer machine. 

However, with the technology of chip cards, this crime has decreased dramatically. With chip-based cards, your debit/credit card is more secure because the chip used has applied data encryption technology. If your card is detected by a skimming device, the recorded data will only be in the form of abstract codes and symbols that cannot be decoded. 

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2. Blocking the Cash Dispenser

Another method often used by ATM scammers is to block the cash dispenser. They may glue the dispenser with a sticker that resembles the real cash dispenser, or block it using matches, toothpicks, etc. to stop it from dispensing money. Customers who use this ATM machine to withdraw cash will not be able to withdraw their money.

In most cases, only one ATM machine is set up like this to avoid suspicion. However, the scammers will usually put a sign or paper that the other machines are broken and cannot be used. This forces the victim to use the ATM machine that has been tampered with.

As soon as the money is jammed and cannot be retrieved, the scammer will pretend to help the victim solve the problem. Instead, the scammer will say that it is no longer possible to take the money out. When the victim leaves, the scammer will remove the sticker and take the money.

3. Attaching Fake Call Center Stickers

The most common ATM fraud is a fake call center number affixed to the ATM machine (usually covering the original Halo BCA). The scammer deliberately broke the ATM machine to leave the customer no option but to call the fake call center. Victims who use these ATMs may experience their cards being swallowed, the machine not responding, or money not coming out.

This forces the victim to immediately call the fake call center number on the ATM machine to report the problem. Unfortunately, the number will direct victims to fake customer service as well.

After that, the scammer will pretend to verify the data. They will ask for the username, card number, PIN, and OTP codes sent to the victim’s number.

4. ATM Card Swap Mode

The fraudster manipulates the ATM machine to pretend the victim’s ATM card from performing transactions at the ATM. The fraudster stays around the ATM or pretends to be a customer queuing at the ATM to keep an eye on potential victims.

When the victim began to panic due to an ATM machine problem, the scammer will then seize the opportunity to offer to help. The scammer tries to distract the customer and exchange the ATM card without realizing the customer’s ATM card has been swapped with another similar card. 

Consequently, when the PIN is entered incorrectly, the scammer asks the customer to repeat it several times and peeps at the entered PIN. With the ATM card of the customer already held by the scammer, the scammer can easily make transactions and take the victim’s money.

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5. Hypnotic Crime

Hypnotic crimes at the ATMs also often occur especially during homecoming trips or the holiday season. This crime often appears not only in quiet places but also in crowded public places.

Hypnotic attacks are easier to carry out considering that people are exhausted on their homecoming trip. Victims are less focused because they are usually in a hurry when they come to the ATM. This is when the fraudster finally starts to take action.

The scammer deliberately came to the victim to ask for something. Right when the victim was caught off guard, they hypnotized the victim. After that, the scammer will ask the victim to take the money in his/her ATM.

6. Cash Exchange Scam

This crime mode seeks the goodwill of its victims. The scammer will pretend to have difficulties in not being able to deposit cash at an ATM machine. This is because the ATM machine used is not a deposit/withdrawal machine or the scammer pretends to forget to bring an ATM card.

The scammer will ask the victim for help to transfer some money to the scammer’s account. After that, the scammer will give cash equivalent to the amount of the transfer that has been previously made. Unfortunately, the money given to the victim is counterfeit.

Tips to Avoid ATM Fraud

There are many ways that you can do to avoid ATM fraud. Here are the steps to save you:

  1. Do not panic if you find any irregularities at the ATM
    Whenever you visit an ATM, keep a close eye on the situation/security around the ATM. When the ATM machine is not working properly, we must remain calm, not panic, check the ATM machine we are using for suspicious objects, and not continue the transaction.
  2. Do not accept offers of help from strangers
    You should always be wary of strangers who help us, because it could be their intention to break into your account. So, you should always keep an eye on all their movements if they are helping you.
  3. Do not give your ATM card to anyone
    If someone wants to help you, and asks for your ATM card, don’t give it to them! If you are in doubt, you should cancel your intention to transact at the machine.
  4. Cover the PIN
    Keep your PIN confidential by always covering it with your hand when entering your PIN, this prevents the scammer from peeking at your PIN.
  5. Leave the ATM after you are sure your ATM card is safe
    If you have a problem with your ATM card, contact HaloBCA 1500888, the Halo BCA team will help inform you of the status of your card, and if necessary you can also block the card through via BCA mobile, to prevent your card from being used by others.

Use Cardless Service at ATMs

BCA offers cardless services for cash withdrawals and deposits at ATMs. Take advantage of this service so you no longer need to insert your card into the ATM machine. This method also reduces the risk of fraud at ATMs.

These are the crime modes and tips to avoid becoming a victim. Be sure to arm yourself with knowledge and other tips to avoid crimes on behalf of the bank here.