2021-08-24 | Awas Modus

Beware of Fake Emails Claiming To Be BCA!

Hi BCA customers, have you ever received a suspicious email claiming to be BCA?

Be careful, because fraudsters are not only faking BCA phone numbers, social media accounts, and websites, but also BCA’s official email address for phishing to steal customers’ data and break into their bank account/credit cards.

The methods of scams may vary. They could be offering customers data updates to save their accounts from being blocked, a lifetime admin fee waiver, and many others.

BCA’s official email only ends with @bca.co.id or @klikbca.com. Here are some examples of BCA official emails:

  1. halobca@bca.co.id is the official email for BCA customers’ complaints or inquiries
  2. KartuKreditBCA@klikbca.com is the official notification for BCA credit card transactions
  3. eStatement@klikbca.com is the official email for BCA’s credit card billing statement notifications.
  4. Fraud_Issuing@bca.co.id is the official email for suspicious credit card transaction notifications.
  5. informasi@klikbca.com is the official email for information and other product offerings.
  6. informasiBCA@klikbca.com is BCA official email for Autopay registration welcome letter.
  7. pasporBCA@klikbca.com is the official email for Prioritas and Solitaire customers’ notifications.

Recognize the characteristics of fake BCA emails

  • Look at the sender as it usually looks similar but actually different from the official emails above or masked. Click the sender’s details to check if the email comes from a fraudster or not.
  • Official emails will never give you any link. Fake emails usually give you links to get your personal data.
  • BCA never ask customers to fill in their personal data through any channels (phone, email, social media, chat, etc)
  • Always protect your personal data security, such as card numbers, PIN, CVV/CVC, OTP, etc. #DatamuRahasiamu

Remember BCA official email addresses to stay away from any types of fraud. Always protect your personal data and never share it to anyone through any channel. If you already experienced a case of fraud, call Halo BCA at 1500888.

Be a smarter generation to tackle frauds!