Get to Know Your Motorcycle Financing Plan KSM

PT. BCA Multifinance is a BCA Finance subsidiary, established to provide credit loan solution specifically for two-wheeled vehicles. With low and competitive installment guarantee, PT. BCA Multifinance believes that it can be the financing institution that provides the best motorcycle financing solution for BCA customers.

KSM BCA now offers new options to help finance your motorcycle purchase. Realize your dream to easily own a motorcycle, ranging from various brands and types, aided by PT. BCA Multifinance. Own a brand new motorcycle today.

KSM BCA Benefits
  • Easy terms and conditions, as well as application document
  • Quick loan approval
  • Protection from installment increase to keep your installments affordable and stable throughout the loan period
  • Includes administration and TLO (Total Lost Only) fees
  • Practical payments because installments are autodebited from your BCA account. Loan acquittal can be expedited after the sixth installment.
Terms and Conditions

There is always a way to make dreams come true. Get the funds to buy your dream motorcycle by fulfilling these easy requirements.

Conditions Regular Customer New Customer
Copy of KTP
Copy of savings bankbook
Account mutation
Copy of spouse KTP
Copy of family record
Salary slip/ income declaration -
Copy of electricity/phone/home ownership certificate -


  • Regular customer is qualified as BCA customer who has owned a BCA account for 1 (one) month (Tahapan/Tapres/BCA Dollar, Deposito, Giro, or Credit Card BCA)
  • New customer is qualified as BCA customer who has owned a BCA account for less than 1 (one) month (Tahapan/Tapres/BCA Dollar, Deposito, Giro, or Credit Card BCA)
KSM Application Process


Fill loan application form


Send to BCA along with required documents


BCA will process your application


BCA will announce result of application processing

KSM Simulation

Contact BCA customer service at (021) 299 86 118 for more information regarding Motorcycle Financing.


Motorcycle Financing is the product of PT Central Santosa Finance ("CSF"). PT Bank Central Asia tbk ("BCA") is neither producer nor responsible for the product, and is only involved in referencing or recommending CSF Motorcycle Financing product. 

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*) Halo Consumer Credit available at 1500888 from 08.30 WIB to 19.00 WIB