Find Out What You Need from Your Vehicle Financing

Motor Vehicle Loan Financing (KKB) BCA offers a wide variety of alternative payment methods so you can finally own your dream vehicle.

Car Financing

Financing solution to purchase new/used car.

KKB Fix and Cap

Financing solution for low installment payments and low interest rates for a 5-year period.

KKB Refinancing

Alternative solution for your source of funds with pledging your car BPKB for  a variety of needs 


Financing solution that offers collaboration with company to facilitate car ownership for employees.

Operational Car

Financing solution needs for company's operations vehicle purchase as well as venture capital additional with pledging car BPKB

KKB BCA Benefits
  • Flat and fixed interest rates throughout loan period. For the duration of the loan, installment amount will remain the same at all times.
  • Easy application terms and conditions, as well as quick approval period
  • Innovative financing program adjusted to your needs
  • Guaranteed security of your BPKB using BCA’s proven experience and security expertise
  • Practical installment payments because monthly installments are autodebited directly from your BCA account
Terms and Conditions

Easy Kredit Kendaraan Bermotor (KKB) BCA application requirements help you buy your dream car today.

Conditions Terms and Conditions
Debtor status Indonesian citizen
Occupation Full time employee / Entrepreneur / Professional / Corporation
Length of employment Minimum 2 years (full time)
Age Minimum : 18 y/o or married
Maximum : 64 y/o (when loan period expires)
Insurance KKB BCA insurance is required.
Comprehensive insurance required for first year, and minimum TLO for the following loan period (except truck TLO throughout the loan period).
Payment Auto debit

Applicant Document Requirements

No. Documents Employee Professional Entrepreneur Corporation
1 Copy of applicant KTP, spouse KTP, family record, and marriage/divorce certificate -
2 Letter of approval from spouse -
3 Copy of L&B Tax records or electricity/water bill -
4 Copy of checking/savings account from the previous 3 months
5 Copy of NPWP
6 Copy of SIUP -
7 Copy of Company Registration Certificate (TDP) - - -
8 Copy of Deed of Establishment/ Change and copy of MOJ Ratification Deed - - -
9 Copy of proof of address - - -
10 Copy of financial records for the previous 2 years - - -
11 Copy of representative KTP - - -
12 Copy of License Practice - - -
13 Copy of salary slip of the previous 1 month or Income Declaration Statement (original) - - -
14 Copy of STNK and BPKB (for Refinancing)

KKB Application Process


Fill loan application form


Send to BCA along with required documents


BCA will process your application


BCA will announce result of application processing

Apply Now
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In response to the latest situation on Covid-19 and the government’s instruction to extend the period of Work From Home,
During joint holiday that falls on 28 and 30 October 2020, all BCA offices are close.
Obtaining your dream car is no longer a fantasy and can be soon fulfilled.