09 Jan 2023 | News & Features

Activate BCA Payroll and Get Various Benefits of Welcoming Payroll Program

Use BCA Payroll for easy, efficient and timely employee salary payment solutions. By activating or reactivating BCA payroll through KlikBCA Bisnis, companies and employees can enjoy special benefits from the Welcoming Payroll Program. Program period until 31 March 2024.

Benefits for Company

  1. Special Offers:
    1. Sameday Payroll transaction
    2. Company’s Current Account Admin Fee
    3. Business Debit Deposit Card & Petty Cash Card Admin Fee
    4. Free Application Programming Interface (API) fee for the first six months (new application only)
    5. BCA Visa Corporate Annual Fee
    6. Fleet Card
  2. Full Amount Remittance Transaction Telex Fee Cashback
  3. Expansion benefits of Vehicle Insurance & Fire Insurance from BCA Insurance
  4. Special Down Payment for Vehicle Loans
  5. Special Debtor Bundling Program
  6. Added Value Services (Catapa, Halodoc, Kontrak Hukum)

Benefits for Employees

  1. Special admin fees for employee accounts
  2. Free first ATM card printing fee
  3. Full Amount Remittance Transaction Telex Fee Cashback
  4. Special promotions for BCA products from Gebyar Solusi Profesional Program (including KPR, KKB, KSM, and Credit Cards)

What are you waiting for? Click the button below to apply for the Welcoming Payroll Program now.