2019-09-07 | Awas Modus

#AwasModus Beware of New Fraud Models

Internet and social media make it easier for us to share information.

Unfortunately, we sometimes unknowingly share personal information, such as ATM card number, credit card number, email address, mobile phone number, date of birth, and even family names.

When you share your personal data, it can be a “gold mine” for irresponsible people to exploit.

Beware of the new fraud modus! Do these 3 (three) things to avoid various types of fraud models impersonating banks/other people in this digital era.

  1. Avoid Posting Any Personal Information on Social Media

When posting something on social media, be it text, video, and/or photo, make sure there is no personal information in your post.

Check the content carefully before publishing to prevent information, such as ATM card number, credit card number, credit card expiration date, CVV number on the back of credit card, and even your mother’s maiden name, mobile phone number, or email address from being disclosed to the public.

  1. Beware of Suspicious Phone Call, Chat, Text Message, or Email

Be alert when you receive a phone call, chat, text message, or email from an unfamiliar number/account, especially when you are asked to provide your personal data for various reasons.

Beware and do not get persuaded to give your personal data because it is potentially a fraud.

Most frequent modus fraudsters use:

  • Threaten to block your bank account for you have not updated your data, or
  • Persuade you with rewards, bonus, and gifts from a company

Their objective is to make you ‘lose your logic’ and will to share your personal data to them.

Never share your personal data, such as ATM card number, credit card expiration date, credit card CVV number, OTP code, and PIN to anyone including to bank employees.

  1. Recheck Every Information You Received

When you receive a chat, text message, phone call, or email from unknown numbers/accounts claiming as a bank or an institution, do not blindly believe them.

Always recheck all information before you share any data.

Now, if you received a suspicious chat, text message, phone call, or email claiming as BCA, check it directly to: Halo BCA 24 hours service at 1500888, email halobca@bca.co.id, Twitter @HaloBCA, or BCA official websitewww.bca.co.id.#DatamuRahasiamu