27 Oct 2022 | Edukatips

7 Genres of Fiction Books to Hunt Down

A fiction book or often referred to as a novel is a long narrative work that tells a story about human life. It usually represents various characters and dispositions through imaginative written prose by the author. 

Stories in fiction books are not a reality of the whole picture. Although the author may be inspired by the inner lives of real people or certain historical events. Apart from being distinguished by their form, fiction books can also be classified into genres, which are:

1. Novel

One of the most popular forms of fiction, a novel is a long narrative of a character’s life and relationships with the people around them. It tells a story about the characters and dispositions complete with the plot of time and place. A novel usually has about 35,000 words in it. 

2. Short Story

In contrast to novels which have a large number of words, short stories are usually written no more than 10,000 words. Although short stories can be written based on real events or everyday events, the story will be dominated by the author’s imagination. Short stories are made to be completed in one sitting or about 30 minutes to 2 hours with a story complexity that is not as complicated as a novel.

3. Comics

Comics are illustrated stories that can usually be found in magazines, newspapers or in the form of separate books. Illustrations in comics are placed close together or next to each other (juxtaposed) so that the story can be conveyed in succession and more easily. In comics, there are several components, namely panels, gutters, speech balloons, story themes, and the pictures or illustrations themselves.

4. Fantasy

Fiction books in the fantasy genre generally tell a story about the results of the author’s imagination that are not possibly happened in real life. Stories about superheroes, kingdoms, monsters, and fairies are examples of fantasy fiction.

5. Humor

The humor genre tells funny stories. This fiction genre is created as a means of entertainment for readers. The type of humor displayed can be satire or parody. 

6. Romance

Romance genre fiction books are closely related to love stories. This type of fiction is one of the most commonly found on the market. Although it can be enjoyed by various groups, the romance genre has a certain age limit. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the suitability of reading romance fiction with the age of the reader.

7. Science Fiction

Even though it tells a story about something scientific, the writer of this genre of fiction still puts the imagination in the story. Popularly, science fiction is also often referred to as Sci-Fi. The examples of these fiction books usually depict technology in the future.

These seven popular fiction books are worth reading at least once in a lifetime! Not only is it entertaining, but these books can also be a source of inspiration.

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