08 Mar 2022 | Edukatips

5 Millennial Home Trends Suitable for Contemporary Dwelling

Today’s generation has an important influence on property development. This is because the millennials are starting to look into buying a house. Property developers, consequently, are ready with a variety of options to suit today’s generation preference. The location of a house plays a major role in determining housing for millennials. The more strategic the location is, the more convenient it will be for the residents.

Millennials’ Home Trends

Basically, millennials are trending towards minimalist house. Despite being minimalist, the house itself must be multifunctional and can accommodate all needs. Here’s the home design trends for millennials.

  1. Alternative Location
    Millennials tend to be more interested in homes located on the outskirts of the city. Buying a house in a suburb is more realistic to them as the properties are often more affordable. In addition, millennials favor a location with easy access to the city center, such as high way, public transportation, etc.
  2. Open Plan
    Millennials are keen on open plan design with no hallways. Their top priority is air circulation and natural lighting to support healthier lifestyle.
  3. Wood
    Millennials also tend to like a touch of neutral colors in their homes, such as natural color palette on doors. In addition, they also favor Scandinavian natural wood tones for their living room.
    No less interesting, millennials are keen on aesthetic ceramics selection. Many ceramic designs with warm colors attract the millennials and are used for decorative items. Besides ceramics, many houses use vinyl flooring.
  4. Smart Home
    The millennials are increasingly interested in the concept of smart home technology. Usually, the furniture is connected to the internet which can be controlled and operated through one device. Many developers have developed this type of housing for the millennials.
    Not only that, the occupants can also turn off the lights, turn on the water, and open the gate easily. The convenience that a smart home offer is the main attraction among the millennials.
  5. Growing House
    The concept of growing house is important to the millennials, because it offers more flexibility when the occupant is looking into a renovation. Over time, the young families will grow up along with their homes. They will need a larger space in the future. The advantage of a growing house is that it allows the construction in steps. It can be either built vertically or horizontally.

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