18 Nov 2020 | Edukatips

How to Trade Secondary Market Bonds on Welma

ANNOUNCEMENT! On Welma, now you can find Obligasi Pasar Sekunder or Secondary Market Bonds feature. You can trade Secondary Market Bonds directly from your phone. Want to know how? Check out the steps below!


Purchasing Secondary Market Bonds

  1. Open “Produk”, select “Pasar Sekunder” on Obligasi menu and choose a product you want.

  2. Choose a fund source account you want to use for transactions and click “Pilih Rekening” to select it.

  3. Enter an amount to purchase and click “Lanjut”

  4. Check if the transaction is correct, select and read “Pernyataan”

  5. After reading “Pernyataan”, click “Tutup” and check the agreement box for “Pernyataan”.

  6. Click “Bayar” and enter “PIN”

  7. You will enter a transaction detail proof page and the transaction is completed

Selling Secondary Market Bonds

Now, if you plan to sell Secondary Market Bonds, here’s how:

  1. Open Portfolio menu, select “Obligasi” and select a product that you want to sell

  2. Select “Jual” and enter a transaction amount

  3. Click “Lanjut” and check if the transaction detail is correct

  4. Select and read “Pernyataan”

  5. Check the box to agree on the statement, and click “Jual”

  6. Enter PIN to confirm and the transaction is complete. You will see a transaction detail proof

Let’s make Secondary Market Bonds transactions on Welma. Don’t have Welma yet? Download Welma app now!