19 Apr 2020 | Edukatips

Prepare These 5 (Five) Documents Before Submitting Annual Tax Return (SPT Tahunan) #DiRumahAja

How to report your taxes when you #StayAtHome? Actually, you can do it from home with #BankingFromHome.

As a good citizen, you must voluntarily report your wealth and tax cuts paid during 2019 via https://djponline.pajak.go.id/.

If you are a private company employee, prepare the following 5 (five) documents before submitting your Annual Tax Return (SPT) Online via e-Filing:

  1. Indonesian ID card/e-ID card/Passport and Family Card
  2. Personal Tax Identification Number (NPWP) as proof you are a taxpayer
  3. Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN). If you have not obtained the EFIN, request using this form.
  4. Withholding tax slip
    • Employees withholding tax slip is distinguished into two forms, namely, form 1721 A1 (for private employees) and form 1721 A2 (for civil servants). How to get a withholding tax slip? Your HR Department should give it to you.
    • Income tax deduction of shares you own. For your shares in BCA Sekuritas, call BCA Sekuritas at 1500888.
  5. List of assets and debts. Regarding the list, you must prepare these additional documents:
    • Income list on the SPT
    • Assets list, as of 31 December 2019:
      • If you have gold and diamonds, write the value.
      • Your total cash amount in Rupiah and Foreign Exchanges.
      • Your total savings in 2019. For getting your Tabungan BCA savings total e-statement via KlikBCA, learn how.
      • Have a house or car installment using BCA? Call Halo Kredit Konsumer, HaloBCA at 1500888 for any outstanding payment information on mortgage loans (KPR) and KKB BCA Finance.
      • How much are your shares in BCA Sekuritas last year? Call HaloBCA at 1500888 for information.

Prepare those important documents before sending your report viae-Filing.

#BankingFromHome while you #StayAtHome. Pay taxes for a stronger nation.