31 Mar 2020 | Edukatips

Tips to Make Your #DiRumahAja Fun

Hiya guys!

Today, the world is struggling to cope with COVID-19 or the coronavirus pandemic. While the government is doing everything to contain the COVID-19 virus, with paramedics taking care of patients, you can do your part by staying #DiRumahAja.

Staying at home does not mean doing nothing in fighting the COVID-19 virus. You are breaking the spread of COVID-19 by staying at home. But, wouldn’t you be bored of staying at home for 14 days? Let’s use your time by being productive!

Here are some tips to make your #DiRumahAja fun.

  1. Watching Movies

    Are you a movie buff? Relaxing, watching movies can also be done at home. Watching movies on cable TV with your partner or family members is a fun alternative to do.

    For a problem-free watching experience, always pay your cable TV bills, guys. You can pay for it using BCA mobile or KlikBCA while relaxing on the sofa.

  1. Baking or Cooking

    Do you like baking or cooking? Well, if you do, it must be fun trying new recipes while #DiRumahAja to hone your baking or cooking skills.

    Eat your new dishes together with your loved ones, it must be wonderful.

    You can buy the cooking ingredients at your favorite e-commerce and pay for them using Virtual Accounts, OneKlik, or BCA Credit Card.

  1. Reading Books

    If you like reading books, then staying at home is the right time to keep the boredom away by reading. Read your favorite books in unconventional but comfortable places, like your terrace when the sun is up accompanied by a cup of hot tea or chocolate. You can also buy an ebook at Google Play Store using Google Play Voucher via BCA mobile, so everything is #DibikinSimpel.
  1. Exercising

    Exercise is important for your health! Do simple exercises at home in the morning and get yourself some sunlight. You can also do light cardio exercises at home, like skipping, squats, or yoga.

    Now, if you buy some sports equipment at e-commerces, you can use BCA mobile for payment.

  1. Playing Games

    Spare some time with families, and choose simple games to play together at home. Not only is it a source of entertainment, but playing games may also build intimacy within a family…

    Besides playing games with families, you can also play games with your friends online! Have fun with your friends through games…

    You can buy game vouchers for your favorite games using Sakuku!

Those are 5 (five) tips to kill time while you are staying at home to make things fun. Stay at home, bank at home!