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You determine where and when you want
to complete your banking transactions


With advancements in technology, financial transactions have become easier to do whenever and wherever. However, you may sometimes feel insecure about transaction security. KeyBCA is the solution to your insecurity.


Security Guaranteed:

The password always changes each time you do a transaction

The administration fee for KeyBCA will be automatically debited from your account, only once for each request for a KeyBCA.

By using KeyBCA, you can transfer funds up to 100 million rupiahs a day from your Bank BCA account. The details are as follows:

Description Value
Transfer from Rupiah to Rupiah Rp.100 million per-day per-User ID.
Transfer from Rupiah to Foreign Currency Equivalent to Rp. 15 million per-day per-User ID (a part of the Rp. 100 million limit).
Transfer from Foreign Currency to Rupiah Equivalent to Rp. 100 million per day per-User ID.
Transfer from Foreign Currency to same Foreign Currency
Payment According to the bill
Top Up Rp. 1.1 million per day per-User ID (including VAT). This limit is a combined limit of topping up using ATM/ m-BCA.

In order to maintain the security of KeyBCA, using the following tips:

  • After receiving the KeyBCA, you must change the KeyBCA PIN and activate it at KlikBCA (two days after).
  • Never reveal your KeyBCA pin to another person.
  • Do not loan your KeyBCA to anyone.
  • Do not choose a PIN that is easy for someone to guess such as your date of birth, phone number, and others.

You are able to receive this additional security device if you:

  • Are a BCA customer who owns a Tahapan, Tapres, Giro, or BCA Dollar account.
  • Have registered to KlikBCA.
  • Own a User ID in relation to the KeyBCA.
  • Own an ID/Driver’s License/Passport.

If you have already registered to KlikBCA, yet do not have a KeyBCA, then you will only be able to do non financial transactions using KlikBCA.

You can obtain a KeyBCA just by following these simple steps:

  • Register for KeyBCA at your nearest BCA branch office by bringing proof that you own an account (Tahapan passbook/bankbook or paspor/ Tapres/BCA Dollar/KTPN card), and personal identification.
  • You will receive the KeyBCA on the spot.
  • KeyBCA activation can be done 2 working days after you have received it.
  • KeyBCA can be easily activated by going to the KlikBCA website in the: Administration – KeyBCA Activation menu.

    • PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk. (hereafter referred to as “the Bank”) will provide a KeyBCA upon the request of the potential KeyBCA Owner according to the following terms:

        • The potential KeyBCA Owner must own one of the following accounts:
          • Tahapan
          • Tapres
          • Giro
          • BCA Dollar
        • The potential KeyBCA Owner has already registered for the Internet Banking BCA, BCA by Phone and other electronic delivery channels (hereafter referred to as “BCA Electronic Banking Facility”)
        • The potential KeyBCA Owner owns an ID/Driver's lisence/pasport
        • The potential KeyBCA Owner has paid the administration fees for each KeyBCA request, according to the tariff that will be notified to the potential KeyBCA Owner by the Bank in any form or means. The administration fee will be automatically withdrawn from the account of the potential KeyBCA Owner. The potential KeyBCA Owner will give full authority to the Bank to withdraw the funds amounting to the administration fee. This authority will not cease as long as the KeyBCA Owner still has obligations to the Bank.
    • For each KeyBCA provided by the Bank, the customer who owns the KeyBCA (hereafter will be referred to as " KeyBCA Owner ") is obliged to obey the following regulations:

        • The KeyBCA is still the property of the Bank and must be immediately returned to the Bank if requested to do so by the Bank.
        • The KeyBCA should only be used for the needs of KeyBCA Owner and under no circumstances is it permitted to be used by another person.
        • The KeyBCA is not allowed to be used for purposes other than the transactions regulated by the Bank.
        • The KeyBCA Owner is obligated to maintain the condition of the KeyBCA device including, but not limited to, changing the baterries if there is an indication that this is necessary. The KeyBCA Owner is subject to paying the fee for changing the batteries of the KeyBCA.
        • The Bank will provide a KeyBCA Personal Identification Number (PIN) to the KeyBCA Owner.
        • The KeyBCA Owner is obligated to keep the PIN’s confidentiality by doing the following:
          • Do not inform the PIN to anyone else.
          • Do not write down the PIN on a table, in a mobile phone or keep it in written form or on a computer application or any other information storing device that enables it to be discovered by another person.
        • The consequences as a result of the misuse of the PIN are full responsibility of the KeyBCA Owner. The KeyBCA Owner thus relieves the Bank of all charges from other parties or the KeyBCA Owner in relation to the misuse of the PIN.
        • The Bank will accept and conduct all the instructions delivered by the KeyBCA Owner as the valid instructions received from the KeyBCA, therefore, the Bank is not obligated to investigate or examine the authenticity nor the validity or authority of the KeyBCA user nor evaluate or prove the accuracy or entirety of the said instructions, therefore the instructions are valid and binding to the KeyBCA Owner, unless the KeyBCA Owner can prove otherwise.
        • The KeyBCA will be blocked if the KeyBCA Owner enters the PIN incorrect PIN 3 (three) times in a row.
        • If the KeyBCA is blocked because the incorrect PIN was entered incorrectly 3 (three) times in a row, the KeyBCA Owner is obliged to contact Halo BCA.
        • If the KeyBCA is stolen or missing, then the KeyBCA Owner is obliged to inform the Bank as soon as possible during the Bank’s working hours and submit an approved and acceptable written report signed by the KeyBCA Owner to the Bank. If the KeyBCA Owner is unable to go directly to the Bank, the notification can be done by contacting Halo BCA and the KeyBCA Owner is obliged to submit a genuine written report from the local police and a written statement requesting the Bank to block the KeyBCA at the most 2 (two) working Bank days after the notification via the telephone. If the Bank has not been notified of a loss or theft, the Bank will not be responsible for each transaction done using the missing/stolen KeyBCA and the Customer may not request for a new KeyBCA.
        • If the KeyBCA is damaged, the KeyBCA Owner must report this to the Bank and hand over the damaged KeyBCA so it can be replaced.
        • The administration fee for a KeyBCA upon request or one that is damaged, lost or stolen, is according to the tariff that the Bank has determined which will be notified beforehand to the KeyBCA Owner in any form or through any means.
        • The BCA Electronic Banking facility will be blocked if the KeyBCA Owner enters the incorrect Response Code 3 (three) times in a row.
        • If the BCA Electronic Banking facility is blocked as a result of the KeyBCA Owner entering the incorrect Response Code 3 (three) times in a row, the KeyBCA Owner must contact Halo BCA.
        • All transactions done using the KeyBCA, known or unknown by the KeyBCA Owner, however it was done, is a full responsibility of the KeyBCA Owner.
        • Complaints or disclaimer from the KeyBCA Owner will only be assisted if the complaint and/ or disclaim of the use of the KeyBCA is submitted to the Bank within 3 (three) months of the date of the transaction.
        • The KeyBCA Owner will only be able to use the KeyBCA for authorized transactions stated in article 3 of these regulations as long as the balance in the KeyBCA Owner’s account in the Bank is sufficient.
        • For Customers who own a Giro Gabungan or Tahapan BCA Gabungan accounts where they conduct their own withdrawals, the Bank will only be able to assign a KeyBCA to one of the names enlisted as the owners of the account upon approval of both owners of the account.
        • The Customer will relieve the Bank from all charges if the Bank is unable to completely or partially process instructions from the Customer as a result of events or circumstances that occur beyond the control or ability of BCA, including but not limited to natural disasters, war, riots, malfunctioning system or transmissions, damaged or malfunctioning of the KeyBCA device and/or Electronic Banking BCA facilities, electrical disturbance, telecommunication disturbance, government policy, and incidents or circumstances beyond the control or ability of BCA.
        • The Bank has the right to block, cancel, withdraw or renew the KeyBCA and/or the account of the KeyBCA Owner in any form at any time if the KeyBCA Owner no longer complies to the terms and regulations of a KeyBCA Owner.
        • If the KeyBCA Owner does not wish to use the KeyBCA anymore, the KeyBCA Owner must inform the Bank in a written form and the KeyBCA must be returned to the Bank. The use of the KeyBCA will cease when the letter of acknowledgement has been signed by the KeyBCA Owner and accepted by the Bank.
        • If the status of the KeyBCA is “missing” or “damaged” or”closed” or “non active”, the KeyBCA Owner will still be able to do transactions using the Electronic Banking BCA facility under the conditions of a Customer who does not own a KeyBCA.
        • If the KeyBCA is not obtained within 3 (three) months upon its request, then the KeyBCA will be revoked and become the property of the Bank, but administration fees will still be charged to the KeyBCA Owner.
        • Each use of the KeyBCA after the decease of the KeyBCA Owner, if any, will be the responsibility of the rightful heir of the KeyBCA Owner.
        • The use KeyBCA must comply with the terms and conditions applied by the Bank and the terms and conditions that regulate all facility and transaction services in relation to the KeyBCA, including each alteration that the Bank will notify to the Customer in any form and through any means.
        • The Bank has the right to change, complete or alter these terms and conditions at any time by notifying the KeyBCA Owner in any form and through any means. Each alteration of these terms and conditions are binding to the KeyBCA Owner.
        • Proof:
          • The KeyBCA Owner agrees not to refute the validity, truth or authenticity of proofs of transactions using the KeyBCA and/or Electronic Banking BCA Facility and/ or communication transmitted electronically between the two parties, including documents in the form of a computer document or Bank proof of transaction, tape/cartridge, computer print out, copy or other forms of information storage, and all the tools or documents is the only legitimate proof for the transaction instructed using the KeyBCA and/or using the Electronic Banking BCA Facility, unless the KeyBCA Owner can prove otherwise.
          • By doing transactions using the KeyBCA and/ or using Electronic Banking BCA Facilities, the KeyBCA Owner admits all communications and instructions from the KeyBCA Owner accepted by the Bank will be considered legitimate proof even though there is no signed written document.
          • The use of the KeyBCA PIN has the same the same legal effect as a written instruction signed by the KeyBCA Owner.

If you still encounter difficulty, please contact Halo BCA at 500888 or (021) 500888 using your mobile phone.

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