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Flazz - e-Banking - Individual - bca.co.id
For Fast Transactions

Daily purchases are now faster with the Flazz card. This is the first and fastest multifunctional prepaid card in Indonesia that also includes state of the art technology (chip and RFID -- Radio Frequency Identification ).

You can refill your Flazz card easily at merchants that have the Flazz Isi Ulang sign. By using only a Flazz card, you can do fast and practical daily business transactions.

Main Advantages
  • Purchases and payments can be done in seconds
  • No transaction fee
  • Only one card is needed for daily business transactions
  • Practical, no cash necessary
  • Easy to refill (Top Up)
  • No minimum transaction value
  • can switch user

The Flazz card offers several benefits to ease your transactions. We realize how much time means to you so provide a fast way to do your daily transactions.

  • Save your precious time. Using Flazz, payments can be done fast, complete in seconds.
  • Enjoy the practical way of paying using Flazz because you do not need to carry large amounts of cash, nor receive any change.
  • Payments are made easy because all you need to do is place the card on the Reader and the transaction will be instantly done.
  • One Flazz card are multifunctional because it can be used to buy food and beverage, used at the minimarket, supermarket, hypermarket, gas station, parking lot, bookstore, recreational locations, public transportation (Transjakarta, Commuter line, and Trans Jogja) and many other merchants at more than 57,000 merchant outlets.
  • Refill (Top Up) your Flazz card easily at several locations: BCA Non-Cash ATM, Flazz card merchants, and self service top up centers avialable in various strategic locations.

For merchants, there are also several benefits that can be gained such as:
faster service because you will not need to check for counterfeit money or count the money. Aside from that, it also helps in cash handling and transaction reports.

The Flazz card can be refilled with a minimum amount of Rp 20,000 with a maximum balance of Rp 1 million.

Purchase the Flazz card for only Rp 25,000 at the Flazz merchants, Flazz stands and merchants outlets that sell Flazz.

For more information, please call your nearest BCA branch, Halo BCA at 500888 or 021-500888 from your mobile phone, or e-mail us at: halobca@bca.co.id.

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