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Whistleblowing at BCA

A reporting system to support the implementation of good corporate governance

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Whistleblowing System

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BCA Whistleblowing System

In an effort to improve the effectiveness of Anti-Fraud Strategy and Good Corporate Governance, as well as maintaining the trust and reputation of the company for all stakeholders (employees, customers, partners, etc), BCA provides a communication tool for both internal and external parties to report violation or fraudulent acts done by BCA internal employees through the whistleblowing system.

BCA guarantees confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower in order to allow them to feel secure while filing the alleged wrongdoings. Reports submitted must be related to fraud or violation of laws, code of conduct, and conflict of interests. Whistleblowers must provide their identity, including name (anonymous allowed), and active phone number/email.

Reports must at least explain what happened (what), the parties involved (who), time of the incident (when), place of the incident (where), and how did it happen (how). We expect that the reports you submit are not of personal complaints or bad faith/defamation. You can be a whistleblower for BCA at anytime and anywhere.

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Thank you for your concern and trust in us.


A deliberate misuse or omission to mislead, deceive or manipulate a bank, customer, or other party, that takes place in a bank environment and/or uses bank facilities, resulted in the bank, customer, or other party suffering a loss and/or the fraud perpetrator gain direct or indirect financial benefits.

Type of fraud acts: fraud adalah:

  1. cheating
  2. scams
  3. assets embezzlement
  4. information leakage
  5. banking crimes

Code of Conduct Violation

Measures that are not in accordance with the corporate culture that has been formulated based on positive values that grow and develop within the entire body and personnel of the company, to achieve common goals and as a reference for all individuals in making decisions and taking measures.

Conflict of Interest Violation

The acts that cause a circumstance in which a person who, in performing his or her fiduciary duty and obligation, pursues outside interests, such as personal or third parties interests, that may have impaired or intruded upon his or her professional judgment and objectivity in making decisions and policies according to the authority that has been awarded to him or her.

Violation of Laws

Actions that violate applicable law in Indonesia.
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