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05 Jul 2024

Series of 'Bakti BCA' Achievements That Earned Asia's Best CSR Award


Jakarta, 5 July 2024 – PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) has successfully won the award for Asia’s Best CSR at the 14th Asian Excellence Award 2024. This achievement is due to BCA's continuous efforts in presenting various inclusive programs under the name "Bakti BCA".

The 14th Asian Excellence Award 2024 is an annual event organized by Corporate Governance Asia, a magazine published by New Initiative Media Ltd. This magazine is published quarterly and actively raises issues regarding environmental, societal, corporate governance, and sustainability issues. Corporate Governance Asia has readers among executives in leading companies across the Asian region.

The "Bakti BCA" program is committed to creating a positive impact on individual, community, and ecosystem scales. BCA believes that empowered individuals can empower their communities, and empowered communities can positively contribute to ecosystem sustainability, thus creating a cycle that influences each other.

Based on this spirit, the "Bakti BCA" program encompasses several aspects, namely health (Bakti Kesehatan), education (Bakti Pendidikan), culture (Bakti Budaya), community empowerment (Bakti UMKM & Desa Bakti BCA), and environment (Bakti Lingkungan).

EVP Corporate Communication & Social Responsibility BCA Hera F. Haryn stated, "To create a high-quality future generation for Indonesia, collaboration from various parties, including the business sector, is needed. Therefore, we are committed to continuing to be a partner of the government in realizing sustainable development. Through the Bakti BCA program, we consistently innovate to create effective and relevant solutions to address the challenges faced by society and the environment."

In order to strengthen the company's commitment to building a better Indonesia, BCA launched the #BuktiBaktiBCA campaign in April 2024. This campaign communicates various sustainable development programs from Bakti BCA while inviting all parties to contribute positively to sustainable development in Indonesia.

Here are the achievements of #BuktiBaktiBCA in the first six months of 2024:

Bakti Pendidikan

Throughout the first semester of 2024, BCA has conducted financial literacy education across Indonesia, from west to east, attended by more than 20,000 participants. BCA also awarded the 2024 Bakti BCA Scholarship to 700 students from 20 universities in Indonesia. To enhance education at the school level, BCA added 4 new foster schools located in the Nusantara Capital City (IKN), Bengkulu, Soe (East Nusa Tenggara), and Sorong (West Papua).

Celebrating National Education Day, Bakti BCA held the BCA Berbagi Ilmu (BCA Shares Knowledge) program, initiated through a series of public lectures for over 3,300 students at five universities, delivered directly by BCA directors. Additionally, the program organized student banking tours to several BCA branch offices, attended by more than 500 participants in 5 cities. The BCA Berbagi Ilmu program also included a makeup class program for friends with disabilities (deaf community), titled “The Beauty of Disabilities: Makeup Class with BCA.”

Bakti Kesehatan

Throughout the first semester of 2024, BCA has implemented various programs such as:

  • Blood Donation Activities, which successfully collected more than 1,200 bags of blood
  • Free Cataract Surgery activities for nearly 200 patients, conducted in three locations: dr. Salim Alkatiri Regional Hospital Namrole, South Buru; Pasangkayu Regional Hospital, West Sulawesi; and Central Bengkulu Regional Hospital
  • Medical treatment donations for more than 6,800 people at Bakti BCA Partner Clinics
  • USD 509,811 (approximately Rp8 billion) donation for the Partnership to Accelerate Stunting Reduction in Indonesia (PASTI) program.

Bakti Budaya

In an effort to preserve the traditional textiles of Indonesia and the environment, since 2022 BCA, in collaboration with the Indonesian Natural Dye Association (WARLAMI), has been providing natural dye training to weaving groups and textile artisans in South Central Timor, Baduy, and East Sumba. This training aims to enable these communities to produce eco-friendly and high-value textile works.

In the first half of 2024, BCA has conducted natural dye training for a total of 65 participants.

Bakti UMKM & Desa Bakti BCA

Throughout the first half of 2024, Bakti BCA has focused on expanding market access and promotion for several MSMEs and Bakti BCA Villages. This effort has been implemented through various strategies, including facilitating ticket booking for Bakti BCA Village tourism packages via BCA mobile, promotional collaborations with several Online Travel Agents (OTA), promoting MSME and Bakti BCA Village products at international events such as the Bali & Beyond Travel Fair and The Amsterdam Coffee Festival, as well as participating in the BCA Expoversary 2024 event.

These efforts are expected to increase the income of business actors in MSMEs and Bakti BCA Villages. Throughout the first half of 2024, all Bakti BCA Villages managed to generate over IDR 5 billion in revenue.

In addition to village development, Bakti BCA has also organized free Halal Certification Workshops across Indonesia. By the end of June 2024, these workshops had been held in several cities, including Jabodetabek, Garut, Tegal, Bali, Makassar, and Samarinda, with a total of 659 business participants. Bakti BCA will facilitate these participants in obtaining Halal certification for free.

Lastly, Bakti BCA supports the revitalization of the Cikoneng Coffee Plantation in Tugu Utara Village, Bogor. In addition to providing tools and necessities for farming on the 10-hectare plantation, Bakti BCA also supports the implementation of the Field School program. Collaborating with the National Coffee

Foundation (YKN) and the Bogor District Agriculture, Horticulture & Plantation Office (Distanhorbun), the Field School program will provide education and training to farmers for one year.

Based on collected data, after the revitalization, the coffee bean production per hectare and the income of Cikoneng Coffee Plantation farmers are expected to increase by more than 120% by 2025. In 2024, the average coffee bean production from the 10-hectare Cikoneng Coffee Plantation is estimated to reach

308.9 kilograms per hectare.

Bakti Lingkungan

Bakti BCA participates in supporting the government in orangutan conservation by improving four artificial islands, which consist of two pre-release islands and two sanctuary islands, as well as rehabilitating five orangutans. Additionally, BCA is involved in turtle conservation through collaboration with the Banyuwangi Sea Turtle Foundation (BSTF) in researching a Space Scale Artificial Incubator (Intan), a turtle egg hatching medium without sand that can hold 15,000 turtle eggs.

Furthermore, BCA consistently turned off lights in 946 branch offices for one hour as part of the global Earth Hour 2024 program. Bakti BCA also provided Plastic Bottle Recycling Machines at several points, including the Bandung Institute of Technology, several Bakti BCA Villages, and throughout the BCA Expoversary 2024 event. In total, the Bakti BCA Plastic Bottle Recycling Machines collected more than 16,000 plastic bottles in the first half of 2024.

Picture Information:

Winning the CSR Award, BCA Proves Commitment to Making a Positive Impact on Society - BCA President Director Jahja Setiaatmadja (second from left), BCA Director Vera Eve Lim (right), and BCA EVP of Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility Hera F. Haryn (left) received the Asia’s Best CSR award at the 14th Asian Excellence Award 2024 held by Corporate Governance Asia. This achievement is a testament to BCA's continuous efforts in presenting various inclusive and positively impactful programs, from the individual, community, to ecosystem levels, known as “Bakti BCA”. BCA believes that empowered individuals can empower their communities, and empowered communities can positively contribute to the sustainability of ecosystems, creating an interdependent cycle of influence.

About PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (As of 31 March 2024)

BCA is one of the leading commercial banks in Indonesia with the core business of transaction banking. BCA also offers a full range of financial services in consumer, SME, commercial and corporate segments. By the end of March 2024, BCA has the privilege of serving more than 38 million customer accounts, processing around 90 million of daily transactions through a network of 1,258 branches, 19,055 ATMsas well as internet & mobile banking services and Halo BCA contact center that can be accessed 24 hours. BCA’s presence is complemented by a number of subsidiaries focusing on vehicle financing, sharia banking, securities, general and life insurance, digital bank, remittance as well as venture capital business. BCA is committed to building lasting relationships with customers, putting people first, and making a positive impact on society at large. With around 27,000 employees, BCA's vision is to be the bank of choice and a major pillar of the Indonesia economy


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