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12 Dec 2023

Get Ready for Vacation! Bakti BCA's Assisted Tourism Village Tickets is Now Available on BCA Mobile's "Lifestyle" Feature

Jakarta, 12 December 2023 - Entering year-end holidays, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) offers ticket booking convenience for Bakti BCA's Tourism Village tour packages through BCA mobile. This service is part of the company's commitment to continuously support the development of Bakti BCA's Tourism Villages, while providing quality services to meet the diverse needs of loyal customers, including traveling.

To order Bakti BCA Tourism Village tour package tickets, customers could go to "Lifestyle" feature on BCA Mobile and choose the "Wisata Indonesia" menu. With just a fingertip, BCA customers can easily get information about the Bakti BCA Tourism Village, pick their dream destination, and reserve tickets for tour packages that include natural attractions, homestays, educational packages, and various types of cultural and traditional attractions.

BCA EVP Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility Hera F. Haryn said, "BCA is committed to providing holistic support to the assisted tourism villages while also providing integrated solutions to simplify the travel experience for our beloved customers. For this reason, we have innovated by presenting a ticket booking menu for tour packages at the Bakti BCA Assisted Tourism Village in the Lifestyle feature on BCA Mobile. Thus, Bakti BCA's Tourism Villages can promote their tourist attractions, attract visitor traffic, and impact the welfare of the village community."

To date, BCA has 14 Assisted Tourism Villages and 12 Bakti BCA Partner Tourism Villages spread across Indonesia. All of these tourist villages have different concepts, potentials, and attractions that continue to be developed, so that it is expected to increase the income of the surrounding community, as well as support economic growth in the region.

Open BCA Mobile Application and choose “Lifestyle” Feature

Choose “Wisata Indonesia

Choose “Setuju

Find “Cari destinasi

Type “desa wisata” and choose your destinantion

Here we provide six recommendations for Bakti BCA Assisted Tourism Villages that can be an option for a year-end vacation. Tour package tickets for the six villages can now be booked directly through the BCA Mobile application.

1. Desa Wisata Pentingsari, Yogyakarta

Desa Wisata Pentingsari is a tourist destination on the slopes of Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta. The appeal of this village lies in the nuances of rural and natural beauty, as well as the local wisdom of Yogyakarta. This village offers tourists to stay and feel the harmony of mingling with the villagers. In addition, there are also various interesting attractions that are full of socio-cultural values, such as practicing gamelan, planting rice, and learning to cook traditional Javanese cuisine.

2. Desa Wisata Kreatif Terong, Kabupaten Belitung

Desa Wisata Kreatif Terong located on the main corridor of Belitung Tourism, about 45 minutes away from HAS Hanandjoedin Airport. Terong Creative Tourism Village provides attractive and educational tour packages that combine natural beauty, art, culture and local wisdom, all of which allow visitors to interact directly with the hospitality of local residents. Some of the choices of attractions in Terong Creative Tourism Village are learning to cook gangan Belitung, gambus music, weaving, hiking tours, and others. The village also provides live-in village facilities for tourists who wish to stay overnight.

3. Wirawisata Goa Pindul, Yogyakarta

Wirawisata is the official manager of the Goa Pindul tour, which offers beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. In addition, there are also many other tourist activities in the vicinity, including walking along the Oyo River, Crystal Cave, Tanding Cave, and offroad using Jeep. Outbound packages for schools and companies are also available.

4. Wisata Wayang Desa Wukirsari, Yogyakarta

Desa Wukirsari Wayang Tourism is an association of wayang or shadow puppet craftsmen in Wukirsari Village, Imogiri District, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. The village has beautiful nature, friendly guides, and has been equipped with homestay facilities. Here, visitors can enjoy educational packages to make puppets, learn the philosophy of puppets, learn gamelan, make wedang uwuh, other unique crafts, and watch shadow puppet and puppet shows.

5. Desa Wisata Hijau Bilebante, Lombok

This village in Central Lombok has a beautiful panorama with green rice fields and a backdrop of Mount Rinjani. Here, tourists can explore the tracks with views of green rice fields with ATVs or bicycles or enjoy spa services in the middle of rice fields. Not only that, there are now also outbound tour packages available with a choice of games that represent the typical arts and culture of Desa Bilebante, so that visitors can play while getting to know local arts and culture.

6. Desa Wisata Taro, Bali

Taro Tourism Village, Tegallalang District, Gianyar Regency is the oldest village in Bali and was the forerunner of the creation of Desa Adat and the subak system. Here, tourists can enjoy educational tours of silver handicrafts, traditional culinary cooking classes, Tirta Yatra tour packages (Reminisce), visits to Lembu Putih, enjoying culinary delights at Semara Ratih, trekking or cycling, and seeing firefly conservation parks.

For information, through the "Lifestyle" feature on BCA mobile, customers can also book airline tickets, train tickets, hotels, taxis, bus and shuttle tickets, event tickets, and tour packages in other parts of Indonesia. Through the "Lifestyle" feature on BCA mobile, customers can #DibikinSimple in designing a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience, especially during their year-end vacation.

"The booking feature for the Bakti BCA Assisted Tourism Village is a form of BCA's commitment to contribute to the development of local tourism by providing easy digital access. In addition, this effort is also made to support the government's Proud to Travel #DiIndonesiaAja program. We hope that this feature will not only be a means of convenience for customers and the people of Indonesia, but also support the development of tourist destinations supported by the Bakti BCA program. We also invite all customers and the general public to experience the convenience of the Bakti BCA Assisted Tourism Village ticket booking feature only through BCA Mobile. Let's support Indonesia's local tourist destinations together," concluded Hera F. Haryn.


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