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13 Sep 2023

For a Better Environment! BCA Expo 2023 Collects More Than 3,500 Plastic Bottle Waste Using #BaktiBCA Recycling Machines


Jakarta, 9 September 2023 - At BCA Expo 2023, attendees were not only enthusiastic about exploring a variety of dream cars and homes offered at special interest rates but also actively participated with numerous huge blue machines placed at the event. These machines, known as Reverse Vending Machines (RVM), were provided by Bakti BCA in partnership with Plasticpay for three-days BCA Expo 2023 event held at ICE BSD.

The excitement of BCA Expo 2023 attendees were seen from the lengthy queues at the plastic waste exchange area on multiple occasions. In less than three days, the cumulative plastic bottle count at BCA Expo 2023, as of Sunday afternoon (10/9), exceeded 3,500 bottles, equivalent to over 65 kilograms (kg) in weight. The quantity of plastic bottles collected in the RVM is anticipated to keep adding up as BCA Expo 2023 continues through Sunday evening.

For information, Plasticpay is a digital platform-based social initiative designed to motivate the public to collectively collect plastic waste, which will then be recycled into eco-friendly fibers as the raw material for environmentally friendly products. The plastic bottles collected can also be exchanged by BCA Expo 2023 visitors for Plasticpay Points through the Plasticpay app. These Plasticpay Points can later be converted into Indonesian Rupiah funds into bank accounts, electronic wallets, mobile phone credit, or donations.

EVP of Corporate Communication & Social Responsibility of BCA Hera F. Haryn stated, "In addition to offering attractive promotions to all customers of BCA Expo 2023, BCA has also partnered with Plasticpay to collect and recycle plastic waste from visitors. This effort aligns with Bakti BCA's commitment, particularly through the Bakti Lingkungan (Environmental Service) pillar, to consistently contribute positively to the preservation of nature and the environment."

Apart from BCA Expo 2023, Bakti BCA had previously collaborated with Plasticpay at the Gebyar BCA Merah Putih event, held in the Jakarta car-free day area on Sunday, August 27, 2023. The collaboration established on multiple occasions reaffirms BCA's consistency in environmental preservation in all its activities.

"The collaboration between Bakti BCA and Plasticpay is expected to reduce the amount of plastic waste while promoting the concept of a circular economy to the public. We want to educate the public, especially BCA Expo 2023 visitors, that environmental preservation can also have economic value." Hera added.

Meanwhile, Plasticpay CEO Suhendra Setiadi appreciated BCA's initiative to partner with Plasticpay at BCA Expo 2023 by introducing RVM machines. "We thank BCA for joining us in advocating for the importance of environmental preservation and spreading the benefits of a circular economy to the community. We are ready to support BCA in sustainable practices and to encourage and educate the public to change their behavior towards plastic waste," said Suhendra.

Building upon its previous successes in attracting attendees, BCA Expo 2023 returns in a hybrid format. The venue is set at ICE BSD Tangerang, with offline events scheduled from 8th to 10th September 2023, within Halls 5-10. Additionally, online events will also be conducted from 8th September to 8th October 2023, accessible via the website At this event, customers have the opportunity to seamlessly access a diverse range of banking and financial solutions, along with exclusive promotions and special interest rates for housing loans (KPR), vehicle loans (KKB), and motorcycle financing (KSM).

To help customers realize their dream of owning a home, BCA introduces the #BeriRingan program with special fixed interest rate of 2.75% p.a for one year on BCA’s KPR. BCA also offers a special interest rate program for BCA's KKB, designed for customers who want to own their dream vehicle, with a flat interest rate of 2.6% per annum for a 3-year term and a 0% down payment option. For KSM, BCA provides a unique down payment program starting from Rp888,000 off the on-the-road price, along with a special KSM interest rate of 5.13% per year.

In addition to offering exclusive deals in the consumer credit sector, BCA Expo featured booths representing tourism villages and schools supported by Bakti BCA. These booths included Kampung Batik Gemah Sumilir in Pekalongan, Wayang Tourism Village in Wukirsari, Yogyakarta, and the Ecoprint crafts of SMAN 1 Karangmojo in Gunungkidul. Bakti BCA also showcased three Plasticpay plastic bottle exchange machines. Additionally, there were 10 BCA Bangga Lokal products, including HMNS, Kanky, Batik Putera Ningrat, Prabu, and Flicka Bags.

Picture Information:

Thousands of Plastic Bottles Collected – Visitors' queues were seen on several occasions in front of Bakti BCA's RVM machines. These machines are plastic bottle exchange machines, or Reverse Vending Machines (RVM), provided by Bakti BCA during the three-day BCA Expo 2023 event at ICE BSD, in collaboration with Plasticpay. In less than three days, the total number of plastic bottles collected at BCA Expo 2023 as of Sunday (10/9) afternoon exceeded 3,500 bottles, equivalent to more than 65 kilograms.


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