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15 May 2023

Around 400 Enthusiastic UGM Students Attends “BCA Berbagi Ilmu” Program, themed Survival Leadership

Yogyakarta, 15 May 2023 -  BCA Berbagi Ilmu Program continues its series of activities in several cities, including Yogyakarta. Now it's the turn of the students from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) to have the opportunity to gain knowledge from a public lecture delivered by the board of directors of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA). Approximately 400 students filled the UGM Master of Management Auditorium to attend the face-to-face public lecture given by BCA Vice President Director, Armand W. Hartono.

Equipped with the spirit of #GenerasiPastiBisa, BCA Berbagi Ilmu is a form of BCA's commitment to support Indonesia in pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, this program aims to foster educational equity and financial literacy among the nation's vibrant young generation, who will be at the peak of the Demographic Bonus in 2030.  In addition, this public lecture carries the theme of "Survival Leadership, Now Normal People First".

Armand W. Hartono stated, "Survivability is the ability to adapt. Why should leaders adapt quickly? Because everyone observes whether their leaders are willing to change or not. If the leaders are unwilling to change, then it's futile. Don't be afraid of competition, as it will enhance your competence and enable you to survive."

As known, the modern era is filled with uncertainty and constantly changing challenges. To face these challenges, it is required to have strategies and leadership skills in order to remain relevant and succeed in this ever-changing era. Armand also revealed BCA's approach to survive amidst these numerous changes, including continuously listening to customer feedback.

Indeed, in order to survive, our experience lies in listening to our customers and our team. Various innovations emerge as we actively gather feedback from customers, propelling us to continuously innovate and cater to their evolving needs. Certainly, by summarizing and listening, it can become a way not only for BCA to survive, but for all humanity to survive," added Armand.

The BCA Berbagi Ilmu Program was initiated on the occasion of National Education Day on May 2nd at the University of Indonesia (UI) and continued at the University of North Sumatra (USU). In addition to UI, USU, and UGM, this series of public lectures will also be present at several other campuses such as Airlangga University and Hasanuddin University, featuring members of BCA's Board of Directors as speakers, covering a range of topics including financial literacy, leadership, and digitalization.

Furthermore, BCA Berbagi Ilmu program will feature the Student Banking Tour activity, which will invite a number of students to get deepen into banking subjects while visiting BCA branch offices firsthand. There is also an event titled "I'm Capable" that promotes inclusive and disability-friendly education, specifically focusing on financial matters and providing training to individuals with disabilities.

EVP Corporate Communication & Social Responsibility of BCA, Hera F. Haryn, added, "We have specifically crafted BCA Berbagi Ilmu to support the progress of inclusive education in order to produce excellent human resources in Indonesia. BCA firmly believes that the best investment for the younger generation lies in education and self-development. Therefore, BCA remains committed to continuously supporting them to become the #GenerasiPastiBisa in the future."


Tentang PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (per 31 Maret 2023)

BCA merupakan salah satu bank terkemuka di Indonesia yang fokus pada bisnis perbankan transaksi serta menyediakan fasilitas kredit dan solusi keuangan bagi segmen korporasi, komersial, UKM, dan konsumer. Pada akhir Maret 2023, BCA melayani lebih dari 36 juta rekening nasabah dan memproses sekitar 77 juta transaksi setiap harinya, didukung oleh 1.247 kantor cabang, 18.348 ATM, serta layanan internet & mobile banking dan contact center Halo BCA yang dapat diakses 24 jam. Kehadiran BCA didukung oleh sejumlah entitas anak yang berfokus pada pembiayaan kendaraan, perbankan Syariah, sekuritas, asuransi umum dan jiwa, perbankan digital, pengiriman uang, dan pemodal ventura. BCA berkomitmen untuk membangun relasi jangka panjang dengan nasabah, mengutamakan kepentingan bersama, dan menciptakan dampak positif pada masyarakat luas. Dengan sekitar 25.000 karyawan, visi BCA adalah untuk menjadi bank pilihan utama andalan masyarakat yang berperan sebagai pilar penting perekonomian Indonesia.



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