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11 May 2023

Story of Rafli Achieved His Dream Job Through BCA SYNRGY Academy

Jakarta, 11 May 2023 - Born into a humble family, Muhammad Rafli Adiansyah could only dream of pursuing a career in the digital sector. However, an unexpected encounter with BCA SYNRGY Academy has brought him closer to his dream job as a UI/UX designer.

Rafli completed his studies in Agribusiness major at Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University in Serang, Banten, even though his dream was to work in the digital sector. The high cost of tuition in that field was the main reason Rafli compromised. However, the good news about BCA SYNRGY Academy reached Rafli in an unusual way.

"My journey in finding SYNRGY Academy was quite unique because I originally wanted to study IT but couldn't afford it. My father is working as an online motorcycle taxi driver (online ojek). One day, he came home with news about SYNRGY Academy. When I saw it, I was quite surprised and excited because it was something I had been dreaming of for a long time," recalled Rafli.

Participants in SYNRGY Academy receive various trainings to sharpen their skills, both in hard and soft skills. Thus, they are expected to master the necessary skills to enter the workplace, especially in the digital sector. After following this program, Rafli successfully had a chance to work as a UI/UX Designer at Narasi.

"At SYNRGY Academy, I received training that was in line with the major class I chose. What's interesting was, we were asked to collaborate in teams to work on a final project to create an application, so we not only learned theory but also put our knowledge into practice. Perhaps without the knowledge and mentorship I received at SYNRGY Academy, I wouldn't be in the position I am now," said Rafli.

BCA SYNRGY Academy is a training program in the digital technology field. This program offers several classes such as engineering, back-end engineering, front-end engineering, UI/UX design, and iOS engineering. These classes become options along with the growing demand of the digital industry today.

The program that Rafli participated in is SYNRGY Academy, which is specifically provided to children of online motorcycle taxi driver partners who want to enter the IT field. Through this program, BCA not only contributes to the development of human resources in Indonesia, but also creates more extensive opportunities for diverse communities.

Digital economy is a sector with a high demand for human resources today. BCA sees this as an opportunity to share knowledge by equipping young generations with relevant skills through competent methods and partners in the sector.

"Binar Academy believes that many talents in Indonesia have the willingness and skills needed by various industries. Furthermore, we also believe that digital transformation always starts with humans. Therefore, we work together with BCA to participate in enriching the knowledge and future talents in Indonesia," said Binar Academy President Director, Alamanda Shantika. Binar is BCA's partner in running SYNRGY Academy.

SYNRGY Accelerator continues to run

Still in the digital sector, BCA also organizes SYNRGY Accelerator which focuses on supporting startups. The program, which has been carried out since 2019, is a mentoring program for startups, starting from mentoring, workshops, community events, business matching, networking sessions between startups and BCA itself.

Out of the five batches, SYNRGY Accelerator has graduated 72 startups out of more than 600 startups that registered. was one of the startups that successfully developed its innovation through this program.

"At first, we thought twice because based on our experience in following other accelerator boot camps, the program took up quite a bit of time. Meanwhile, we have to work with a tight schedule. However, the SYNRGY Accelerator curriculum is designed to accommodate the specific needs of each startup with flexible time. We are focused on networking and business matching until we can finally collaborate with the BCA ecosystem," said COO Sudono Salim.

Besides competent mentoring, the opportunity to collaborate between startups and the BCA ecosystem is the main strength of the SYNRGY Accelerator program. BCA continues to encourage young people in the startup ecosystem to continue creating technology-based innovations and implementing solutions in society, both nationally and internationally.

"SYNRGY Accelerator and SYNRGY Academy are BCA's corporate social responsibility activities in advancing Indonesia's digital economy, both in terms of startups and their talent. Through this program, we hope that a sustainable digital ecosystem will be formed and have a significant impact on the transformation of Indonesia's digital economy," concluded EVP Corporate Communication & Social Responsibility BCA, Hera F. Haryn.

Keterangan Foto:

Muhammad Rafli Adiansyah (left) and Ammar Permady Apriliano (right) are alumni of BCA SYNRGY Academy. Rafli himself was a participant in the special track of SYNRGY Academy Batch Grab. Rafli's batch is an effort by BCA together with Grab to open up learning opportunities as widely as possible for anyone, including families of online motorcycle taxi drivers. In addition to SYNRGY Academy, BCA also holds SYNRGY Accelerator which focuses on startup mentoring. In total, there are 72 startups that have graduated from this program out of more than 600 startups that applied.


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