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02 May 2023

BCA Launches "BCA Berbagi Ilmu" Program to Support Indonesia's Pursuit of Quality Demographic Bonus

Depok, 2 Mei 2023 - To commemorate National Education Day, BCA is conducting a program titled “BCA Berbagi Ilmu” (BCA Sharing Knowledge) throughout the month of May. By involving experts and practitioners, "BCA Berbagi Ilmu" will be carried out in 3 activity concepts, which consist of a series of public lectures at 5 State Universities, a Student Banking Tour for students, and the "I'm Capable" program for people with disabilities.

Bringing the spirit of #GenerasiPastiBisa (The #CapableGeneration), the "BCA Berbagi Ilmu" program represents a continued commitment from Bakti BCA Pendidikan (Bakti BCA for education) to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 program and the equitable distribution of education and financial literacy among young generations, especially in facing the peak of the Demographic Bonus in 2030.

President Director of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk, Jahja Setiaatmadja,, stated, “We understandthe importance of equipping today’s generation to face diverse obstacle in the future and producing quality human resources to support sustainable economic growth. As a national bank, BCA has a responsibility to contribute to the government's effort to capitalize on the demographic bonus period by focusing on improving education and developing students' creativity, particularly in the digital field.”

According to the data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Indonesia is expected to reach the peak of the Demographic Bonus era in 2030. In that period, the number of productive-age population will be greater than the non-productive population. Nonetheless, adhering to the government's directives, it is imperative to initiate the planning for addressing the zenith of the Demographic Bonus era, commencing from the present moment. Therefore, the “BCA Berbagi Ilmu” program is expected to provide support in ensuring fair distribution of education and financial literacy among young generations.

The series of "BCA Berbagi Ilmu" public lectures adopts a collaboration concept between universities and the industrial sector. This activity will be held at the University of Indonesia (UI), Airlangga University (UNAIR), Gadjah Mada University (UGM), North Sumatra University (USU), and Hasanuddin University (UNHAS). In this public lecture agenda, BCA's Board of Directors will be involved in delivering lecture materials to students and addressing several discussion topics, including leadership, financial literacy, and digitization.

The "BCA Berbagi Ilmu" program was commenced on 2nd May 2023, coinciding with National Education Day, and was held for the first time at the University of Indonesia (UI). The event featured a lecture by BCA's President Director Jahja Setiaatmadja on the topic of "Leveraging Technology to Survive in the VUCA World."

Jahja Setiaatmadja explained that in the midst of today's uncertain world, the trend of technological development is also growing rapidly. Undoubtedly, technological development has caused disruption in various sectors, such as the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is capable of producing photographs and music of international quality.

On the other hand, the emergence of AI also presents significant opportunities for the business sector. Jahja Setiaatmadja emphasized that creativity must continue to be honed to utilize technological advancements (including AI), thereby providing added value to both businesses and society. For example, BCA also utilizes various technologies to optimize BCA's banking services for customers.

“What BCA has applied for AI and Big Data is computer fusion for documentation and face recognition, which has been used in the myBCA application. With face recognition, everything runs smoothly without the need to type in a user ID and password. In addition, for risk and fraud, we used to need extra effort to gather data before it was computerized, but now it can be done quickly. Furthermore, with AI, we can connect customer data with population data, so now account opening can be done online," said Jahja Setiaatmadja at the University of Indonesia (UI) on Tuesday, 2nd May 2023.

Another crucial factor highlighted by Jahja Setiaatmadja in fully utilizing technology is to orient it towards the customer’s needs, especially being able to project their future demands. BCA regards this as a crucial aspect to continuously innovate and deliver quality services that cater to customer’s varying demands.

Another program offered by “BCA Berbagi Ilmu” is the Student Banking Tour, which gives students the opportunity to learn about banking while visiting BCA branch offices. In addition, to encourage inclusive and disability-friendly education, there is also the "I'm Capable" program which will provide financial education and training to people with disabilities.

EVP Corporate Communication & Social Responsibility of BCA, Hera F. Haryn mentioned, ”BCA Berbagi Ilmu, which is specifically designed to support inclusive education and create excellent human resources in Indonesia, also focuses on supporting the younger generation in facing the demographic bonus peak. BCA believes that education is the best investment for the younger generation, and BCA is dedicated to supporting them in becoming the #GenerasiPastiBisa in the future.”

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BCA Berbagi Ilmu public lecture at UI Campus, Depok - President Director of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) Jahja Setiaatmadja is giving a public lecture entitled "Leveraging Technology To Survive in VUCA World" at the University of Indonesia Convention Hall, Depok, West Java, on Tuesday (2/5). This activity is part of the BCA Berbagi Ilmu CSR program which focuses on the education sector as well as a tangible manifestation of BCA's commitment to developing the capacity of human resources to continue producing #GenerasiPastiBisa.


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