SAPO Oriental - Save up to 50%

Until 09 Dec 2024

For Customer

Save up to 50%

Terms & Conditions :

  • 50% Off Every Monday
    • Promotion Period: Until 9 December 2024
    • Valid for Special Package: 2 Claypot + 2 Plain Tea
    • Choice of Claypot Menu: Ayam Pedas, Tahu Jepang, Ayam Kungpao, Ayam Saus Mentega
  • Get a Sapo Menu Every 25th to 27th of the Month
    • Promotion Period: Until 27 November 2024
    • Valid for Chicken Menu (Menu Ayam) purchase
    • Choice of Chicken Menu: Ayam Cabe Rawit, Ayam Kungpao, Ayam Goreng Mentega, Ayam Saus Asam Manis, Ayam Pedas, Ayam Saus Asam Pedas ala Thai, Ayam Saus Orange
    • Choice of Sapo Menu: Sapo Tahu Jamur, Sapo Tahu Jepang
  • Valid with QRIS via myBCA/BCA mobile/Sakuku and Credit Card with BCA Card logo
  • Valid for 1 transaction/day/QRIS user/Credit Card with BCA Card logo holder
  • Valid for dine-in at all Sapo Oriental outlet
  • Not valid for multiplications and cannot be combined with other promotions
  • Not valid on National Holiday

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