Indomaret - IDR3,000 Off for Ramadan Festive Products

Promotion Period 22 Mar 2024 - 04 Apr 2024

For Customer

IDR3,000 Off for Ramadan Festive Products

Terms & Conditions :

  • Minimum transaction IDR100,000 for Ramadan Festive products
  • Valid for payment with QRIS via myBCA/BCA mobile at all Indomaret outlets
  • Maximum 1 transaction/user/period
  • Not valid for multiplications and split bills
  • Maximum purchase of 1 product/transaction from the list below:
    • Syrup:
      • ABC Squash Delight 450ml (bottle) all variants
      • ABC Syrup Special Grade Cocopandan/Melon 485ml (bottle)
      • Marjan Syrup Melon/Cocopandan 460ml (bottle)
      • Marjan Squash 450ml (bottle) semua varian
      • Indofood Squash Freiss Orange 460ml (bottle)
      • Indofood Syrup Freiss Cocopandan/Melon 500ml (bottle)
      • Indofood Syrup Freiss Cocopandan 460ml (pouch/refill)
      • Indofood Syrup Freiss Orange 460ml (pouch/refill)
    • Biscuit Cans & Wafers:
      • Khong Guan Biscuit Red Segi Asst. 1600g (bottle)
      • Khong Guan Biscuit Mini Asst. 650g (bottle)
      • Monde Selected Biscuit 800g (bottle)
      • Roma Biscuit Kelapa 405/345g (bottle)
      • Nissin Wafer Chocolate 570g (bottle)
      • Roma Wafer Wafello Choco Blast/Caramel 294/234g (bottle)
      • Nissin Golden Wafer Chocolate 300g (bottle)
      • Indomaret Wafer Stick 550/450g (bottle)
      • Khong Guan Wafer Stick Chocolate 500g (bottle)
      • Nabati Richoco Wafer Chocolate/White/Goguma 287g (bottle)
      • Tango Wafer Chocolate/Vanila 270g (bottle)
    • Nata and Dates (Kurma):
      • Indomaret Nata De Coco Cocopandan 900g pack
      • Inaco Jelly Mini Sharing Bucket 50’S 750g (jar)
      • Hijra Kurma Tunisia 500g box
      • Date Crown Kurma Premium Emirates 250g pouch
      • Kurma Khalas Date Crown Pack 250g

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