Prima Freshmart - Discount 10%

Until 29 Feb 2024

For Customer

Discount 10%

Terms & Conditions :

  • Discount 10% every Monday –Thursday
  • Payment using BCA Credit Card & Debit BCA
  • Valid for products :
    1. Fiesta Chicken Rendang W Rice 320GR
    2. Fieesta Chicken Teriyaki W Rice 320GR
    3. Fiesta Beef Yakiniku W Rice 320GR
    4. Fiesta Beef Bulgogi W Rice 320GR
    5. Fiesta Beef Rendang W Rice 320GR
    6. Fiesta Rice W Chicken Cheese Buldak 320GR
    7. Fiesta Rice W Chicken Curry 320gr
    8. Fiesta Rice W Beef Blackpepper 320GR
    9. Fiesta Spaghetti Carbonara 300GR
    10. Fiesta Rice W Chicken Satay 320GR
    11. Fiesta Coconut Rice W Spicy Chick 320GR
    12. FS Rice W Popbites Sambal Matah 320GR
    13. Fiesta Rice W Green Chili Duck 320GR
    14. Fiesta Rice W Balinese Betutu Duck 320GR
    15. Fiesta Rice with Geprek Chicken 320GR
    16. Fiesta Rice with Korean BBQ Chicken 320GR
    17. Fiesta Truffle Gyudon 320GR

*Updated : 23 Jan 2024

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