Enjoy Up to 20% of Cashback and Extra Cashback by Applying for AIA Insurance

Promotion Period 01 Apr 2023 - 30 Jun 2023

For Customer

To reduce the risk of various diseases, we can maintain our health by consuming nutritious food, drinking enough water, exercising regularly, maintaining quality sleep, managing stress and maintaining a positive mindset. However, health risks are still possible, and this condition can disrupt family financial plans. Therefore, to maintain financial stability, we need to include insurance as part of the instrument for managing unexpected risks. This type of insurance can be adjusted according to needs, ranging from life insurance, health insurance, protection from critical illness, preparation of children's college funds, to pension funds.

Apply for AIA Protection until 30 June 2023, Get CASHBACK Up to 20% & Extra Cashback Up to IDR 660,000.

Get Up to 20% of Cashback

Annually Premium (IDR) Cashback Earned (The percentage is multiplied by annual premium)
PRIMA Extra / Maxi Value Protection /Maxi Infinite Link Assurance Plus EduPlan / RetirePlan/ Medic Pro

≥ 25 million s/d < 50 million



≥ 50 million s/d < 100 million



≥ 100 million s/d < 300 million



≥ 300 million s/d < 500 million



≥ 500 million s/d < 1 million



≥ 1 billion



Get Up to IDR 660,000 of Cashback and 2% of Extra Cashback

Selain itu, Anda bisa menggabungkan promo Cashback hingga 20% dengan promo Ekstra Cashback Rp660 ribu dan 2% berikut:

Promotion Reward Products Terms & Conditions

Extra Cashback up to IDR 600,000 with AIA Vitality membership

PRIMA Extra/Maxi Value Protection/Maxi Infinite Link Assurance Plus

· Must be integrated with AIA Vitality.

· Active AIA Vitality status with >0 points within 30 calendar days after the policy issuance date.

Extra Cashback up to IDR 660,000

All Products

· Apply for insurance through Welma or click the "I Want This Promo" button above.

· Minimum premium per year is IDR 12 million with the annual payment method.

2% of extra Cashback

PRIMA Extra/Maxi Value Protection and Maxi Infinite Link Assurance Plus

with rider PHSE (Premier Hospital & Surgical Extra)

Only valid for Solitaire/Priority customers with BCA Working Capital Loans (KMK)/Housing Loans (KPR).

Note: Customers with certain criteria must complete a form from AIA's Bancassurance Life Consultant (BLC) to obtain extra cashback.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This program is valid from April 1 to June 30, 2023
  2. Valid for purchases of PRIMA Extra/Maxi Value Protection/Maxi Infinite Link Assurance Plus/EduPlan/RetirePlan/Medic Pro policies with a minimum annual premium of IDR 25 million, and an annual payment method.
  3. Only applies to new policies that are approved (inforce) and no cancellation (surrender) is made during the freelook period.
  4. Specifically for PRIMA Extra, Maxi Infinite Link Assurance Plus, EduPlan, and RetirePlan products with a 5-year payment frequency, the premium calculation is 50% of the annualized premium (APE)
  5. Cashback will be given by AIA within an estimated 60 days from the issuance of the policy (inforce).

Simulation on How to Get The Promo

Example #1:

Mr. Andika is interested in PRIMA Extra products and uses the Leave Contact feature on the website www.bca.co.id by filling out the webform after clicking the "Apply now" button at the bottom of this page.

Product : PRIMA Extra

Premium : IDR 100,000,000

Payment method : Annual Payment

AIA Vitality membership : Bronze (5.000 points)

Then Mr. Andika will get the following benefits:

  1. Protection coverage from 136 critical illness conditions and life insurance up to 99 years of age.
  2. 8% cashback x IDR 100 million = IDR 8 million.
  3. Extra Cashback of IDR 660 thousand because Mr. Andika submitted insurance via the webform on the website www.bca.co.id.
  4. Extra Cashback of IDR 600 thousand from collecting AIA Vitality points.
  5. As a member of AIA Vitality, Mr. Andika gets cashback in the next premium payment year (the amount is adjusted to AIA Vitality membership status) and rewards from the AIA Vitality application include GoFood/Gocar/Tokopedia vouchers or discounts on Prodia/Fitbit/Garmin merchants and others.

The total cashback that Mr Andika will receive is (IDR 8 million + IDR 660 thousand + IDR 600 thousand) = IDR 9.26 million

Example #2:

Mrs. Rina (40 years) is a BCA Prioritas customer and decided to buy AIA insurance in May 2023.

Product : Maxi Value Protection + rider PHSE Plan Prestige

Premium : IDR 50,000,000

Payment method : Annual Payment

AIA Vitalitymembership : Non-member

Then Mr Rina will get the following benefits:

  1. Life and health coverage up to the age of 99 years.
  2. Inpatient facilities with 1 bed and en-suite bathroom throughout the world (except the United States) with a total limit of IDR 50 billion.
  3. Cashback of 6% x IDR 50 million = IDR 3 million.
  4. Extra cashback because Ms. Rina is a BCA Prioritas member customer of 2% x IDR 50 million = IDR 1 million.
  5. If diagnosed with illness, Ms. Rina will also receive Personal Medical Management services in the form of expert doctor assistance with global access for a more accurate diagnosis.

The total cashback received by Ms. Rina is (IDR 3 million + IDR 1 million) = IDR 4 million

For more information, visit the nearest BCA branch or click the "I Want This Promo" button above. If you already have the Welma application from BCA, you can access it via:

  1. “News & Promo” menu, open an article about insurance, then click the “Saya Tertarik” button.
  2. Or the "Products" Menu by selecting "Insurance" or "AIA Company", then selecting the required product, then clicking the " Saya Tertarik " button.

To submit the Welma application, don't forget to register your BCA ID and connect your account first after downloading BCA Welma on the Play Store or App Store.

Disclaimer: PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk. and PT AIA FINANCIAL licensed and supervised by Otoritas Jas Keuangan. PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk. is an LPS guarantee participant.

This insurance product belongs to PT AIA Financial (“AIA”) and is not a product and responsibility of PT Bank Central Asia (“BCA”). BCA only acts as a party that refers AIA insurance products. This product is not guaranteed by BCA and is not included in the scope of the guarantee program as referred to in the statutory provisions regarding deposit insurance institutions.

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