2024-04-04 | Awas Modus

Beware of ATM Fraud, Check These Tips for Safe Transactions at ATMs

Be cautious while withdrawing cash at ATMs. There have been several cases of fraud and data theft at these places. Being extra aware of your surroundings and the ATM you’re using will help keep you safe from fraudsters.

Fraud Schemes that Often Occur at ATMs

Scammers can trick their victims in various ways. Here are some common fraud schemes that often occur at ATMs during homecoming.

1. Skimming

Skimming is a type of fraud where the fraudster installs a card and PIN reader on the ATM to take all the data belonging to the victim when using the ATM.

2. Fake PIN button

This is another common mode of fraud that occurs at ATMs where the button used is very similar to the ATM’s button. This fake button can record the number pressed by the victim.

3. Cash exchange

In this type of fraud, scammers pretend to exchange money by providing cash and asking the victim to transfer it to their account. However, the money given to the victim is counterfeit and cannot be used for transactions.

4. Hypnosis

This is a horrifying and common mode of crime where the scammer waits near the ATM to start their action. After that, the victim is directed to make a cash withdrawal or transfer funds to the hypnotist.

5. Fake call center stickers

Scammers often replace the call center number on ATMs with a fictitious one. They are linked to this number and will request sensitive information, including OTPs and ATM cards.

Tips to Avoid Fraud at ATMs

Here are some tips to avoid fraud at AMTs, especially in public places like rest areas, and so on.

  1. Examine the area around the ATM and its state before using it. If you notice anything suspicious, such as a “Halo BCA” sticker with a number other than 1500888, suspicious-looking ATM card mouth, etc., leave the ATM location immediately.
  2. Refuse help from strangers. if someone offers to help you when you have a problem (e.g., card swallowed, money not coming out, etc.), decline politely and immediately.
  3. Contact Halo BCA if you find anything suspicious at the ATM. If you face any problem at an ATM, it is better to contact Halo BCA at 1500888 to assist you with the problem you are facing.

Make sure that you only call Halo BCA at 1500888 or via the haloBCA app. Stay informed about crime modes on AwasModus to increase your vigilance during Eid homecoming.