2023-05-29 | Awas Modus

Beware of Concert Ticket Scams

Music concerts are gaining popularity in many countries, including Indonesia. From local to foreign singers/music groups enliven music concerts in Indonesia.

Ticket wars are when ticket hunters go to war to win concert tickets. The number of concert ticket sales is usually disproportionate to the number of people who want to attend it. This leaves many fans unable to get tickets during the official sales session.

As the tickets are sold out, fans are left with no choice but to look for tickets from a third party. Ticket hunters should not buy concert tickets from other than official ticket sellers. However, reality shows that purchasing tickets from third parties is inevitable.

Unfortunately, fraudsters often use this opportunity to perpetrate their crimes, targeting concert ticket hunters as victims. Vigilance and thoroughness are certainly ways to avoid this crime. Learn about the characteristics of fraud and security tips to avoid it.

1. Social Engineering Mode to Target Victim’s Data

Concert ticket scams are usually carried out through online stores or social media. The scammers are targeting the BCA Debit/Credit card data to steal the victim’s money. When a potential victim falls for the scam, the scammer continues the WhatsApp chat to further deceive the victim. They use various methods of persuasion, for example, payment can only be made using BCA debit or credit cards. The victim unwittingly disclosed their data such as card number, PIN, OTP, expiry date, CVV/CVC, etc.

There’s another scam method in which the scammer pretends to be a reseller offering cheap concert tickets via WhatsApp or email by sending a “Concert Ticket Price List” in the form of .APK or .Pdf file. If the victim clicks and opens it, the file will insert malware that can harvest the victim’s private information!

Security Tips:

  • Always stay vigilant with all kinds of lure, including concert tickets. Don’t be easily fooled by scammer’s persuasion, especially if they ask for your private banking information.
  • Reject any request for your data. Keep your account/debit/credit card safe by not disclosing private information such as card number, PIN, OTP, CVV/CVV number, card expiry date, etc.
  • Never click or open random files given by people you don’t know, especially APK files because they contain harmful viruses.
  • Besides APK files, the latest MO is sending PDF files. Do not open! Because this .Pdf file is fake (P is uppercase), meanwhile the real .pdf file is always written in lowercase.

2. Concert Ticket Jastip

One common mode of fraud in concert ticket purchases is concert ticket jastip (shopping entrusted good service). Scammers often take advantage of the war ticket euphoria by misleadingly using jastip for upcoming concert tickets.

It was recently revealed that there was a concert ticket jastip fraud. The scammer bought a trusted social media account which seemed to have frequently done concert ticket jastip to attract many people to use their services. The victim is required to transfer a deposit as a sign of ticket booking and if not transferred, the ticket will be forfeited.

After the payment is made, the scammer disappeared and didn’t send the promised tickets. By exploiting public enthusiasm, the scammers can reap huge profits.

Security Tips:

  • It is very important for ticket hunters to be careful and thorough before using a concert ticketing service. Make sure that the jastip is credible/trusted.
  • Make transactions through a secure platform and use traceable payment methods, such as BCA mobile myBCA. Do not hesitate to verify further before making payment.

3. Fake Concert Ticket Scam

There are also people who sell fake tickets. It’s best to know the signs of fake concert ticket scams:

Requesting Expedited Payment

One way for scammers to make their victims less vigilant is to make them panic. They will say that there are not many tickets available and that others have already booked them. So, they ask potential victims to transfer some money to secure tickets that don’t actually exist.

Lucrative Sales Package

Cheap ticket price is still often used by scammers. This ticket sales package is usually for bulk purchases. They target potential buyers who are looking for more than one concert ticket. Such attractive prices often lower the victims’ vigilance.

Different Ticket Details

Official online ticket purchases will get proof of purchase via email, which will be exchanged for concert tickets. This proof of purchase is often traded by third parties. Unfortunately, it is also susceptible to being faked by scammers.

The victim may feel that they have purchased tickets from a trusted third party. Little did they know, the receipt was fake and could not be exchanged for a concert ticket.

Refusing to Use the Cash on Delivery (COD) Method

The scammers of fake concert tickets will refuse to meet their potential victims for various reasons. They will opt for everything to be done online, be it communication, payment, or ticket delivery. The scammers will also convince their potential victims not to do cash on delivery (COD).

Asking for a Down Payment(DP)

There may be some fraudsters who are willing to have a face-to-face meeting with their potential victims. However, they will agree on the condition that the potential victim transfers some money as a down payment (DP) first. Unfortunately, the victim’s number will be blocked immediately after the money is transferred.

Have fun hunting for concert tickets and do not fall victim to fraud. #AwasModus