2023-05-02 | Awas Modus

Package Delivery Fraud to Watch Out For

In this digital era, many people prefer to shop online. Online shopping is indeed convenient, but what would you do if you are unexpectedly asked to pay for a package you never ordered before?

Be wary, because it could be a scam, especially if we often shop online but rarely check the packages in detail. The Cash On Delivery (COD) payment is typically used by consumers who do not have an account or digital wallet to make payments online. It is paid to the courier directly upon the delivery of the package.

However, this payment method needs to be watched out for because it can be a fraud loophole, i.e. if the courier claims the package was ordered by a family member whose payment was made by COD.

Tips to Prevent Unknown COD Scams

1. Check the orderer’s name and the phone number on the package

Carefully check the details of the orderer, whether it matches the name of a family member at home. Confirm whether someone ordered the package or not before accepting and paying by COD to the courier. If you find any irregularities, you should be suspicious. Be brave to refuse to pay for the items if none ordered them.

2. Use Transfer or BCA Virtual Account Services

Alternatively, use transfer or virtual accounts to merchant accounts services to avoid COD fraud. For BCA customers, you can make transfer between bank accounts or use BCA virtual account transfer service with an instant confirmation system for any transaction you make.

3. Shop Online at Trusted e-Commerce

There are many trusted online shopping sites that you can choose from. Take advantage of online shopping through the Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile. You can make transactions to fulfil your needs, from food, drinks, clothing, household supplies, and more. Shop for all your needs and pay them conveniently with one app.

Always remember to be thorough and cautious of any fraud. Only shop at trusted sites and utilize payment features from trusted financial service providers to keep you and those around you safe from fraud.

If anyone asks for your private data, it’s a sign of fraud. Always keep your banking data confidential from anyone.