2022-12-15 | Awas Modus

“Tolak Dengan Anggun” Those Who Request Bank Personal Data

Fraud has been around for a long time, in different ways. But the goal is the same, to steal something that doesn't belong to them.

Hi BCA Customers,

In this sophisticated digital era, many people take advantage of loopholes to commit fraud. The purpose is to get banking personal data.

Scammers use various modes of deception to trick victims into obtaining their banking data. Starting from offering a credit card limit increase, upgrading to become a BCA Prioritas Customer, information about suspicious transactions, and many more.

When deceived, confidential banking personal data such as; ATM Card Number, PIN, OTP Code, CVV/CVC, and KeyBCA Appli 1/2 Response Code can be known by fraudsters. With this data, fraudsters can take over their BCA accounts or BCA Credit Cards and drain their funds.

Even so, now many of them are aware of these fraud modes. They also resist fraud in different ways.

Some pretended to be confused when asked for their PIN, and instead read the writing on the ATM screen. Then, someone gave the wrong OTP code. Some pretend to be busy. Others pretend to reply chat from fraudsters, but the chats are only typed and not sent. And there are those who don't want to mince words and immediately hang up from fraudster.

The various methods of refusal above are an art of deception that deserves the name 'Tolak Dengan Anggun' or Reject Gracefully. Those who reject deception deserve appreciation and deserve to be called "Ambassadors of 'Tolak Dengan Anggun'". BCA always implements a maximum security system, but we need all of your help to gracefully repel fraudsters.

So, if someone asks for an ATM card number, PIN, OTP code, CVV/CVC, ‘Tolak Dengan Anggun’, because that's a fraud.

Come share this video and tell your rejection of being scammed in the form of videos/photos/writing on social media with hashtag #TolakDenganAnggun!