2022-08-12 | Awas Modus

Beware of Fake Link Scam with BCA mobile Interface!

Guys, be careful, there is a new scam now that sends fake links with a landing page that resembles BCA mobile. BCA has been relentlessly reminding all customers to stay alert for phishing or fake link scams.

Scammers can create fake links in many different ways to trick potential victims who don’t recognize the phishing scam. This time, scammers are trying to trick potential victims with a fake link whose appearance resembles BCA mobile, fooling those who are not careful.

The scenario is usually like this: the customer received a call from a number similar to Halo BCA, 1500888 but usually preceded by 021, +62, 02, etc. The caller pretended to be a Halo BCA agent and psychologically manipulate the victims. For example, saying that a suspicious transaction has been reported in the form of a phone credit purchase worth Rp4 million. Hearing this, the customers will panic and know that they didn’t make said transaction.

The caller then offers assistance in canceling and blocking the transaction online via BCA mobile through the link sent via SMS. Here’s an example of the fake link https://link-block.online/bank-bca/. The fake link resembles the appearance of BCA mobile.

It is a fake link intended to trick potential victims into giving away sensitive banking information such as ATM card numbers, PINs, and OTP codes. 

Tips to Avoid This Scam

Always remember the official BCA contacts as follows:

  • The official Halo BCA numbers > 1500888. Without prefixes 021, +62, etc. Other than that is fake. Do not save the Halo BCA number so that you can clearly see the incoming call number.
  • BCA official WhatsApp numbers > 08111500998. It comes with a green tick next to the contact number or name, not in the profile picture. If the number is different or doesn’t come with such a distinct feature, it is certain that the WhatsApp contact is fake.

Always remember the tips about phishing:

  • Don’t be easily panic/happy if you receive information that makes you anxious/happy, be it through SMS or any other means from any party, investigate the situation first.
  • Don’t open any link sent to you through any means, including a link that resembles BCA mobile appearance, because they are designed by scammers to steal your personal banking information.
  • Make sure to access it through the BCA mobile app, not by clicking any link!

Always remember the tips about data privacy:

  • Please remember that the OTP codes (One Time Password) are only used for online transactions, not as promo codes/for annual fee waivers/transaction cancellations/credit card blocks/limit increases/other reasons.
  • Keep your personal data confidential such as card numbers, PINs, CVV/CVC, OTP codes, etc. Do not share them with anyone through any means.

You can cancel transactions through the m-Admin feature on the BCA mobile app. Check the easy and safe ways to block debit and credit cards on BCA mobile here.

That’s all the information you need to know about scams using fake links that resemble the appearance of BCA mobile. We hope it helps you avoid the scam.

Share these security tips with your friends, hopefully it wil be useful for people around you. #CariTahuBiarAman #DatamuRahasiamu.