2022-07-05 | Awas Modus

Beware of Transaction Fee Increase Hoax!

Stay alert as the “Official Letter of Transaction Fee Increase” hoax on behalf of BCA is currently circulating, distributed by fraudsters through WhatsApp, email, and social media platforms!

In the letter whose letterhead is similar to Bank BCA, it reads that to improve services BCA will increase the interbank transaction fee from Rp6.500 per transaction to Rp150.000 per month through an automated monthly debit payment. If the customer does not CONFIRM through the link provided, the customer is considered AGREE with the new rate fares.

This is clearly a FRAUD. The letter is NOT an official letter from BCA. In accordance with the recent hoax using forged BCA letterhead, BCA urges us to always beware of individuals on behalf of BCA.

In the letter, customers are intentionally led to CONFIRM by clicking on a phishing link, and then asked to fill in their phone number, ATM numbers, PINs, OTP codes, etc.

Once done filling out the form, the customer is asked to click on the selected fee, namely new fee of Rp150,000 or old fee of Rp6,500. Immediately afterwards, the customer bank account is hacked by the scammer and they drain the money.

Please remember that the official number of BCA is 0811 1500 998 (with green badge). Other than that is a fake number. Please also check all BCA’s official social media accounts here

Stay aware if you get a suspicious letter on behalf of BCA. You can contact the nearest BCA branch or Halo BCA at 1500888. You can also contact Halo BCA through WA Halo BCA 0811 1500 998, Twitter @halobca or webchat www.bca.co.id

Also check information regarding fake accounts here.

Always keep your personal data confidential, and don’t fall into the fraudsters trap. Let’s find out how to stay safe at www.bca.co.id/awasmodus.

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