2022-06-08 | Awas Modus

Beware of Credit Card Listing Offers Ads on Social Media

Dear BCA customers, especially BCA mobile users who do not have a BCA credit card, be careful, a new fraud mode just came into existence.

On social media, especially Instagram, there are a lot of fake ads from a fake account on behalf of BCA, offering to apply for a BCA credit card. The goal is to attract the victims with their offer and lure them into giving valuable information, such as ATM card numbers, m-BCA PIN, OTP codes, etc., to take over the victim’s BCA mobile account.

Indicators of Fraud Modes

Usually, victims receive fake ads on social media, especially Instagram, pretending to be BCA and offering a BCA credit card application. Not only that, these fraudsters also offer an upgrade to become a BCA Prioritas customer and to switch to a chip card.

On these fake accounts, a link is given that automatically directs the victims to a WhatsApp chat upon a click, pretending to be the official WhatsApp of BCA.

Through the WhatsApp chat, the fraudster will guide the victims to apply for a BCA credit card through the link they provided.

On the link, the victim is asked to enter their personal banking data such as ATM card numbers, phone number, m-BCA PIN, and OTP codes.

This indicates that the fraudsters want to obtain your personal banking data which later will be used to take over the victim’s account, in this case the victim’s BCA mobile account, and deplete the money from the account.

Tips to Avoid This Scam

Here are the tips you should know:

  • Halo BCA phone number is 1500888 without prefixes 021, +62, etc. The official WhatsApp number of Bank BCA is 08111500998 with verified green tick. You must be careful if it’s not from these numbers.
  • The official Instagram account of BCA is @GoodlifeBCA. Check all BCA official social media accounts here
  • BCA’s official website is www.bca.co.id. Other than this, it’s must be fake.
  • Beware of fake links! Don’t click on suspicious links, especially filling out your personal data. BCA never asks its customers to fill in personal data through any means, including links.
  • Always keep your personal data confidential such as debit/credit card number, PIN, CVV/CVC, OTP, APPLI 1/2 KeyBCA, etc. #DatamuRahasiamu.

For your information, the official channels that can be used to apply for BCA credit card online are:

  • myBCA app (download myBCA on Playstore/Appstore)
  • BCA’s website, please click here to apply for a BCA credit card. Here’s a tutorial video on how to apply for a BCA credit card online:

Help Report Fake Accounts!

If you come across fake accounts of BCA on Instagram Ads, you can report it to our official Instagram account (@GoodlifeBCA) and to Instagram so the platform will take down the fake accounts. See how to do it here.

If you find a fake BCA hotline/WhatsApp number, please report it to Halo BCA at 1500888.

Let’s stand together and help BCA to report and take down these fake numbers and accounts to prevent further victims. Also check the information regarding the fake accounts here. #CariTahuBiarAman