2021-11-22 | Awas Modus

Saw Fake BCA Instagram Ads? Report it!

Be careful of fake accounts claiming to be BCA. Fraudsters can create online ads on search engine pages, chatting apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Line), and social media (IG, FB, Twitter).

In the past, we found so many fake BCA websites on search pages. Today, we found many fake BCA advertisements/fake BCA social media accounts, especially on Instagram ads.

Those fraudsters are feeling more encouraged to advertise. Have you seen any of those fake BCA Instagram Ads?

The chronology of fake account scams using Instagram Ads:

  • The victim saw a fake BCA account on Instagram ads
  • The victim entered the fake BCA account’s profile and clicked the link on its Bio to get into the WA Chat
  • On the fake BCA WA chat, the victim would be asked to fill in some personal data to the fake website made by the hackers
  • The victim’s data would be collected by hackers and used for the next scam process (cash money transfer from the scam to the bank account, etc)

Tips on what to do if you found above cases

From cases that we found, hackers would usually need to forge BCA’s Instagram account and website. Here are the tips to avoid such scams.

  • BCA’s official Instagram account is only @GoodlifeBCA. BCA’s official website is co.id. Other than them are FAKE accounts.
  • Know BCA official accounts or web. Check BCA’s official social media accounts here.
  • Beware of fake links! Do not click them or give your personal data there. BCA never asks customers to share their personal data through any channel, including links.
  • Keep your personal data to yourself only, like card numbers, PIN, CVV/CVC, OTP, etc. #DatamuRahasiamu

Report those fake accounts to Instagram!

Here are first things you should do when you see fake BCA accounts on the Instagram:

  1. Report the to BCA official account @GoodlifeBCA via DM so we can follow up your report
  2. Report the fake accounts using Instagram’s report feature for them to take down

Here’s how:

  • Click the three-dot on the top right corner of that fake BCA Insta Ads
  • Click “Report Ad”
  • Choose: “it’s a scam or it’s misleading”

If you are a fraud’s victim, call Halo BCA at 1500888 or via haloBCA app. Help us eliminate those fake accounts to save more people by reporting them.

Protect your personal data and do not share it to anyone through any media. #CariTahuBiarAman at www.bca.co.id/awasmodus.