2020-05-19 | Awas Modus

#AwasModus Online Loan Scams

During the pandemic, many are affected by the economic impact and need instant cash from Online Loan services.

Despite their high interest rate, many people do not really care about it because of its instant loan application process and without any collateral.

Also, many people also need it for urgent matters or a consumptive lifestyle. This loophole is often exploited by scammers to rob your money.

Besides online loan providers, there are other types of scams we often find, such as lottery, social media direct message, chat to purchase something, offering help, send goods, etc. The similarity among all these scams is they target your ATM card number and OTP code.

Beware of Online Loan Scams!

Some time ago, there was a fraud attacking Online Loan users by luring them with additional loan limit, loan interest discount, etc.

The fraud methods are varied as they usually claim to be from a certain online loan provider.  Some use fake contact center or official text message numbers to trick their victims. There are even scammers who use their personal numbers, but claim to be from the contact center.

They use the administrative or data verification process for loan limit approval or interest discount. They ask the victims to give their ATM card number and OTP code sent to their phone via text message.

The OTP code is the last barrier to your bank account, and sharing your ATM card number and OTP code with scammers will allow them to make transactions using your money.

Be smart, recognize their tricks

Never humor any WhatsApp message, text message, or phone calls offering you additional loan limits, loan interest discounta, or any other offers.

Scammers want to get your bank data information by asking about your ATM card number and OTP code, also known as disposable dynamic PIN, verification number, authentication code, etc, sent to your phone via text message.

To make you share your OTP code, they usually call OTP code as promo code, bonus code, or other terms.

Be smart! Never share your ATM card number and OTP code with anyone, including to contact center officers.

If you find anything suspicious, contact Halo BCA at 1500888. #DatamuRahasiamu